How Many NBA Teams Are In Canada?

Canada NBA Teams

It is no more news that some Canadian teams have played in the NBA as has been the case in other sports in the United States. The only exception is the NFL where there are no Canadian teams. 

We’ve seen Canadian teams play in the MLB, MLS, and the NHL and this has undoubtedly enhanced the sporting relationship between both countries. 


It should be known that the Canadian teams didn’t get into the NBA easily as they had to improve significantly to stand a chance of meeting up to the standards of professional basketball in the United States.

Therefore, for those asking questions about the history of Canadian teams in the NBA, as well as how many Canadian teams are in the NBA presently, this article will throw more light on answers to your questions with regards to Canadian NBA teams.

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When Did Canadian Teams Start Playing In The NBA? 

Canadian basketball teams were introduced to the NBA in 1995, This decision was made by the league to allow Vancouver and Toronto to host two teams namely, Vancouver Grizzlies and Toronto Raptors. Meanwhile, punters in Canada can leverage the performances of these teams in the NBA via Powerplay Ontario and see if they can come out tops with the punts they make.

How Many Canadian Teams Play In The NBA Presently? 

Two Canadian teams made it to the NBA and much was expected from both sides when they were selected to join the league, however, one of them could not keep up. 

The Grizzlies couldn’t cut it and after six years of trying to make a name for themselves, fell short, and relocated to Memphis where they took on a new name and are currently known as the Memphis Grizzlies. 


With this development, the only team from Canada that plays in the league is the Raptors.

Has Any Canadian Team Won The NBA Title?

The answer to this question is a resounding yes and I guess we all know the team, that’s for those that have been reading the article thus far. The triumph for a Canadian team in the NBA came in 2019. The Toronto Raptors under the leadership of Kawhi Leonard had a memorable 2018/19 season.

They finished as the second-best team in the regular season in the Eastern Conference but were very impressive as they progressed to the finals and beat the team with the best record in the East and in the league. This took place in the Conference Finals.


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They progressed by beating Milwaukee Bucks in the ECF before facing the Golden State Warriors in what was the biggest of the series. They beat Golden State in six games as Kawhi Leonard emerged victoriously with his side and win his second finals MVP.

The Best Canadian Players That Have Played In The NBA

Aside from the Canadian teams that have played in the NBA, Canada has also produced some legends in the NBA such as Phoenix Suns’ Steve Nash, Bill Wennington, Rick Fox, and Kiki Vandeweghe.


Other exceptional Canadian players to have graced the NBA are Kelly Olynyk, Jamaal Magloire, and Andrew Wiggins

As pointed out earlier, this article has answered your question, and now you that the Toronto Raptors of Ontario in Canada are the only Canadian team in the NBA presently.

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