How Many Levels Are There In Candy Crush Saga 2023?

In this post, you will learn the current total levels In Candy Crush Saga. I usually found myself completely engaged in the colorful world of Candy Crush Saga, trying to match those candies to clear levels one by one.

Likewise, many gamers wonder just how many levels there are to conquer in their adventure. Before answering the question, allow me to share an overview of the Candy Crush Saga gameplay for better understanding.

Let’s get started.


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Candy Crush Saga Gameplay

Candy Crush Saga is a popular game where the main idea is to match candies. It’s a bit like swapping candies on a board to make rows or columns of at least three candies with the same color.

When you do that, these candies vanish from the board, and more candies drop down to fill the gaps. Sometimes, this leads to even more matches happening, which is a good thing because you earn points for each game and more points if you start a chain reaction.


If you manage to match four or more candies, you create a special candy. When you match this special candy, it can clear a whole row, column, or part of the board, which is super helpful.

Now, the game is divided into different levels, and you have to complete them one after the other. Each level has its unique challenge.

Occasionally, you need to get rid of jelly on the tiles, and other times, you have to clear candies in a specific number of moves.


The boards also change with different shapes and unique spaces, like jelly-covered spots that need special attention. If you successfully complete a level, you earn stars and move on to the next one.

But if you can’t meet the level’s goal, you lose a life and have to try again. Lives regenerate over time, so you might have to wait if you run out. The game keeps things exciting by adding new episodes with 15 more levels and different gameplay features.

There’s even a Dreamworld mode where you have to balance matching candies of two colors while not waking up a sleeping owl named Odus. If you fill a meter, you get extraordinary power to clear candies and earn more turns.


So, Candy Crush Saga is all about matching candies, completing levels, and enjoying different challenges as you progress through the game.

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How Many Levels Are There In Candy Crush Saga 2023?

As of 2023, Candy Crush Saga boasts 15,020 levels ( fifteen thousand and twenty ). However, these levels are spread across 1,002 episodes.


If you’re playing the HTML5 version of the game, you’ll find yourself faced with 15,020 levels across 1,002 episodes. And, if you’re on the Windows 10 App version, you get a little extra sweetness with 90 additional levels and 6 more episodes.

It’s like having bonus levels that add more excitement to your Candy Crush experience. Some lucky players might have more levels to explore due to testing.

The game developers often test new levels with a select group of players before releasing them to everyone. So, if you’re one of the chosen ones, you’ll get a complete sneak glimpse at upcoming challenges, giving you a head start on becoming a candy-crushing master.


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What Level Did Candy Crush Stop?

Candy Crush Saga doesn’t have a detailed final level, there isn’t one highest level that marks the end of the game. Unlike some traditional video games with a final boss battle or a grand finale, Candy Crush Saga operates a bit differently.

Instead of aiming for a final destination, the game focuses on continuous updates and new levels to keep players engaged and entertained.


The absence of a final level is one of the things that make Candy Crush Saga so special. It’s a game that keeps developing, challenging players with fresh puzzles and candies to match.

Every time you think you’ve reached the end of the road, the Candy Crush team surprises you with more levels and episodes.

What Happens At Level 10000 Candy Crush Saga?

Reaching level 10,000 in Candy Crush Saga is no small feat, and you might be wondering what all the fuss is about when you finally get there.


First off, level 10,000 is a significant achievement in Candy Crush Saga. It’s not just another level; it’s a milestone that marks your dedication and skills in the game.

In fact, it’s the first five-digit level in the entire game, and that alone is something to be proud of. This level is located in an area known as Milestone Meadow, and it’s the 2,760th jelly level in the game.

What this means is that your objective is to clear 71 double jelly squares on the game board, and you must do so in 25 moves or fewer.


Double jelly squares are those tricky ones that require two matches to clear. Once you successfully clear all 71 double jelly squares within the given number of moves, Sugar Crush will be activated.

Sugar Crush is a special feature in Candy Crush Saga that triggers when you complete a level with moves to spare. It’s like a bonus round that showers you with extra points. However, completing the 10,000 level activates Sugar Crush, and rewards you with additional points.

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Candy Crush Saga is a candy-matching adventure that never seems to end, with 15,020 levels in 2023. It’s a game that keeps evolving, offering fresh challenges and surprises to its players.

And, the lack of a final level allows you to enjoy an endless experience of candy-crushing fun. When you reach remarkable milestones like level 10,000, you’ll be rewarded with Sugar Crush, earning you extra points and making your achievement even sweeter.

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