How Many Friends Can you Have in Pokemon Go

Trainers can browse, accept, or reject friend requests via their friend list. You will be friends and have access to each other’s Trainer Profiles through your Friend List if they accept your request. If they don’t respond, your friend request will expire after seven days.

Given that the primary objective of Pokemon GO is to create social connections with other players through real-world exploration and Pokemon hunting, you may be wondering how many friends you may have at once.

When Pokemon GO was released in 2016, it became an instant hit and, in the opinion of many, the closest thing humanity has ever experienced to world peace.


Millions of people were brought together by their love of Pokemon, although it was a little over the top. If you’re still playing Pokemon GO after more than six years, see how many pals you can have. Follow this post to find out How many friends can you have in Pokemon Go.

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How many friends can you have in Pokemon Go

With Pokemon GO, players can currently have up to 400 pals, which means you can amass a sizable friend list for Pokemon trade and territory defense.


The game had a 200 friend cap at first, which was more than plenty for most players. But, as time went on, making new friends and expanding your list of friends brought further advantages.

In order to receive unique benefits, users can exchange buddy codes with other players they encounter while out and about. This means that players can simply form groups and add each other.

Players are encouraged to finish these challenges with friends by adding attack bonuses in Raid groups when they have friends on their list.


Furthermore, the bonus grows with increased buddy levels. And last, gifts are a huge benefit of friendships. Having 400 friends doesn’t really matter because you can claim up to 30 of these per day, which entitles you to extra Poke Balls, potions, revives, and other goodies.

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Final Words

We can understand if you’re unsure of the reason for the sudden expansion of your Pokemon Go friend list. There used to be a cap on how many friends you could have in any one Niantic game, but the most recent update has significantly altered the regulations.


Pokemon GO is really social media gaming, so playing with pals only enhances the experience. We hope this answers your question about how many buddies you can have in Pokemon GO.

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