How Do You Shield Surf In Legend of Zelda Tears of The Kingdom?

Like I was asked; How do I shield surf in tears of the kingdom? Here’s my explanation:

  • Jump into Action

To kick things off, press the X button.

  • Shield Up

Right after you jump, hit the ZL button to activate.


  • Tap That A Button

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While you’re still in the air, give the A button a quick tap. If you’re standing on a nice, steep surface, Link will show off his skills by performing a cool skateboarding trick and zooming downhill on his shield.

However, shield surfing isn’t gentle on your shield. The more you surf, the more your shield wears down. Eventually, it’ll break, so be sure to keep some spare shields handy if you plan to explore Hyrule like a pro.


Speaking of wear and tear, weapons and shields degrade over time in Tears of the Kingdom, so it’s always a good idea to have backups.

Now, if you’re running out of space to store all those shields and items you collect on your adventures, there’s a character you can meet: Hestu. He’s a Korok who loves maracas, and he can help you expand your inventory in exchange for Korok seeds.

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What Are The Buttons For Shield Surfing?

  • X button
  • Zl button
  • A button

Does Shield Surfing Damage Your Shield?

The answer is both yes and no, depending on where you’re riding.

1. Shield Durability

If you keep shield surfing for too long or if your shield takes a beating, it may eventually break. And when that happens, Link will stumble and take some damage from the fall, just like any of us would if we took a tumble down a hill.


2. Terrain Matters

However, not all terrain is created equal. Shield surfing on snow or sand is like gliding on a cushiony cloud, it won’t harm your shield’s durability at all. You can ride those snowy slopes and sandy dunes to your heart’s content without worry.

3. Rocky Roads

On the other side, shield surfing on rocky, rugged terrain is a bit like going over a bumpy road. It’s exciting, but it’ll gulp up your shield’s durability pretty quickly.

So, if you’re tackling cliffs or jagged mountains, be prepared to go through shields faster than you would on smoother surfaces.


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So, If you ask me, shield surfing can be tough on your shield, especially if you’re conquering rocky landscapes. But on soft surfaces like snow and sand, your shield stays unharmed.

Just keep an eye on that durability meter and have some backup shields handy if you plan to brave the roughest terrains in Hyrule.


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