How Do You Get Vollständig In Peroxide?

In Peroxide, Vollständig is the second mode for Quincies and Quincycars. Players get a halo and wings, along with a new Vollständig move In this mode.

However, To Get Vollständig In Peroxide,

First, make sure your character reaches Level 90. Once you hit Level 85, you’ll start accumulating “Points”, and collect 420 of them.

Points come from completing Time Gates (75 points), damaging Time Bubbles (Bosses) based on the percentage of health you hit (1 point per percentage), and defeating a Storm Vastocar (10 points, with at least 60% damage contribution).


When you meet these requirements, talk to Yhwach to initiate the process. He’ll direct you to the tallest place in Wandenreich.

As soon as you reach the summit, a battle with your Vollständig Boss begins. Victory is necessary to get your Vollständig form in Peroxide.

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How To Activate Vollständig In Peroxide?

To activate Vollständig In peroxide, the initial step involves equipping your Schrift. As soon as It’s equipped, keep tabs on the gauge situated on the right side of your screen.

This gauge serves as the indicator for your Vollständig activation. When the gauge reaches its maximum capacity, which is visually represented as filled, you can unleash the power of Vollständig by pressing the ‘G’ key.

However, Vollständig mode comes with a ticking clock. The early time limit is set at 33 seconds, but with skillful training, you can extend this duration to a maximum of 190 seconds.


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This is where the diligent training aspect comes into play. To make the time that you can spend in Vollständig mode longer, engage in frequent battles, utilize the ability of Vollständig, or participate in sparring sessions with your Vollständig boss.

These training methods help refine and strengthen your connection with Vollständig which allows you to use its power for longer durations.


Upon successfully defeating your Vollständig Boss, you gain immediate access to unique Vollständig moves. However, the journey towards mastery continues.

You can further upgrade these moves by actively incorporating Vollständig into your battles or dedicating time to focused sparring sessions. The more you practice and refine your techniques, the more potent your Vollständig becomes in the heat of combat.

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