Higan Eruthyll Tier List

Higan Eruthyll is a fun 3D RTS mobile RPG with a magic-tech style from the vast Chinese developer BiliBili. You can team up with a lot of kickass waifus. But there’s more to making a team than you might think.

Higan: Eruthyll is a gacha game with many different characters, each with skills and strengths.

Choosing the right heroes in Higan Eruthyll can significantly affect how far you get in the game. Because of this, it’s essential to know what each character can do and how they can help you win the game.

But getting the best characters in the game can be challenging and cost money. That’s why our list of rankings is helpful.

In this post, we’ll talk about the best characters to invest in, their strengths and weaknesses, and how they do in both early and late game stages.

We’ve carefully ranked the characters based on how well they do in different game types, so it will be easier for you to choose which ones to focus on.

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About The Game

Higan Eruthyll is a card-based gacha game with real-time tactics made by Bilibili. So far, Higan: Eruthyll has a lot of polished graphics and tells its story in Japanese and English.

It will be a great Android game. The unique idea behind Higan: Eruthyll is a nice change of pace from the regular mobile gacha games you play on your favorite Android phone.

Each unit has its class and skills that help it do its job in a fight. For example, a tank character can cast armor to absorb damage, keeping your team from wearing too much and making it easier for your main healer to keep up.

You can choose any character or job you want, but we had to have a tank and a healer.

Higan Eruthyll is an RTS roleplaying game in the style of anime. It puts you in charge of a unique group called the Gopher Troupe.

As commander, you must save people from Fantasyland, a dark force with fighters called Dream Eaters who take over lonely and sad people and take their souls to Fantasyland.

As a Gopher Troupe, you must go into this monster-filled dream world and save low-income people who the Dream Eaters have locked away.

The story sounds different and exciting, but that has yet to be my experience. As you move through the levels and fight your way up to more formidable enemies and bosses, it feels like the same thing over and over again.

It doesn’t have the mystery and excitement that make other Gacha games like Genshin Impact and Honkai so famous. After a while, it stops being enjoyable, so you skip most of the cutscenes, which are a big part of this game.

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The Comprehensive Higan Eruthyll Tier List

In the game, you will meet many characters you can get and use. Each differs regarding CD, damage, rarity, power, etc. Also, some characters will be crucial in almost every part of the game.

Some won’t work as well as they should, and you want to save time and effort. We made a Higan Eruthyll Tier List so you could see who the best and worst characters in the game are.

When choosing which characters to use, you must consider how far you are in the game, your goal, which characters you already have, and how you like to play.

Most players don’t care about these things, and if you’re one of them, you can use Tier S and Tier A characters.

You can’t go wrong with them because they are the best in the game. Ensure you refrain from using people rated Tier C or lower because they should be doing better.

1. Tier S

The Best Eruthyll Characters Characters from Eruthyll

Only the very best. These figures change the game in every way, and every player should put them at the top of their list. They can change the course of a fight on their own.

Higan is very strong. Eruthyll characters who are strong enough to lead your team in most game types. They have special skills that can quickly wipe out foes.

  • Kear
  • Fene
  • Ciamkom
  • Basell
  • Rita
  • Kloar
  • Follett
  • Black
  • Euphoria

2. Tier A

Higan is very strong. Eruthyll characters who are strong enough to lead your team in most game types. They have special skills that can quickly wipe out foes.

  • Kear
  • Fene
  • Ciamkom
  • Basell
  • Rita
  • Kloar
  • Follett
  • Black
  • Eupheria

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3.   Tier B

Tier B characters are good in most game types but don’t change the game as much as Tier S and A. Still, they can make a big difference on the battlefield.

  • Rooco
  • Asa
  • Nuno
  • Armand
  • Kueen
  • Hathor
  • Mireya
  • Isa

4. Tier C

Average Tier C Characters Higan: Eruthyll units that can be used in some situations but aren’t suggested in most cases. They can be used to fill in gaps or to finish specific tasks.

  • Ume
  • Codier
  • Cella
  • Mommel

Tips on How to Play Games Better

Besides the list of tiers, we have put together some tips to help you do well in Higan: Eruthyll. These tips will help you make the most of your characters and tools, from how your team is put together to how you use them:

  • Set priorities for your resources: Be smart about how you spend your money and work on improving your best character.
  • Use Redeem Codes: If you use Higan Eruthyll Codes, you’re getting all the incredible benefits and currency.
  • Try different combinations of characters on your team to see what works best for you.

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Use this Higan Eruthyll tier list as a starting point, but you mustn’t rely on it completely in picking your characters. There are many ways to play, and everyone has their favorite way of enjoying the game.

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