Hide And Seek Extreme Script

hide and seek extreme script

The game features realistic and detailed 3D environments, customizable characters, and game modes. Players can challenge their friends to intense hide-and-seek matches in various unique and exciting arenas.

With the Hide and seek extreme script, Players can use power-ups such as invisibility cloaks and speed boosts.

About The Game

Roblox’s Hide and Seek Extreme is an exciting and suspenseful game where one player is chosen as the seeker. They are given a special skin to set them apart from the other players, and their goal is to find all the other players as fast as they can!

Hide and Seek Extreme is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a thrilling and entertaining game to play with your friends.

Players are encouraged to use their creativity to create exciting and unique hiding spots. The game’s goal is for hiders to stay hidden as long as possible and for seekers to find them.

Hide and Seek Extreme on Roblox is growing in popularity daily, and its developers are releasing more and more scripts to keep up with the demand.

The latest Hide and Seek Extreme script is a great addition to the game. The Hide and Seek Extreme script offers four powerful features: Collect all coins, Safe place teleport, WalkSpeed, and JumpPower.

These functions work great and will make you a master of hide-and-seek in no time. players can gain the edge they need to win the game.

Hide And Seek Extreme Script

Script 1 – Grab Coins, Find All Players


Script 2 – Collect All Coins, Speed Hack


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