Hearthstone Mercenaries Tier List

Hearthstone Mercenaries is a game that was released in late 2021. It is an RPG game with a turn-based combat system with hearthstone characters that you know. It gained more popularity quickly than other hearthstone modes. This could be due to its addicting game style and complexity.

An important aspect of this game is to choose the best mercenaries to support you. In this blog post, we will be detailing the unique characters of these mercenaries. Their rankings are from the D tier to the S tier. So, take a bite of your cheese to let‘s roll together.

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D Tier

These are the worst mercenaries that you should avoid when choosing mercenaries.

1. Lord Jaraxxus

Lord Jaraxxus seems to be the coolest card in the hearthstone. But when used in mercenaries, he has nothing to offer. His unique three abilities are Legion Burst Speed 8, Fist of Jaraxxus, and Fel Infernal Speed 5. They can’t offer anything to you.


1. Grommash Hellscream

This is another legend that you shouldn’t think of going to combat with mercenaries. His abilities are very poor as a mercenary.

1. Alexstraza

Alexstraza has very weak stats, and her abilities are nothing to write home about.

1. Mannoroth

These could be the worst mercenaries you can include in your cards.


1. King Mukla

No matter how they try, they can’t win a game. So, is no use using them.

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1. Gruul

Gruul can be very powerful when many of your opponents have dragons. If your opponent fails to come with dragons. Then, they have nothing to offer.


1. Illidan Stormrage

Illidan makes little damage as mercenaries. Therefore, they’re not fit cards to use.

1. Rathorian

Rathorian has little or nothing to offer you in fights. So, using them has no significance.

1. Baron Geddon

These mercenaries will ruin your game.


1. Mutanus

Mutanus don’t have anything to offer as mercenaries. That means they’re no good option for you.

1. Morgl the Oracle

Understandably, these mercenaries can heal your wounded fighters. But their healing is very poor and slow.

1. Old Murk Eye

These mercenaries can’t exact their power without a Murloc. But murlocs are powerless. That means they won’t have much power to offer even if you have murlocs present.


1. Antonidas

Antonidas’ abilities are powerful when there is the use of fire spells. But spells aren’t powerful in mercenaries. So, using them leaves your stats at zero also.

C Tier

The C Tier and a little stronger than the D Tier. But they still have the weakest characters in them.

1. Varian Wrynn

The Varian Wrynn has great stats that will make you pick them. But their abilities are poor mercenaries.


1. Ragnaros

This is a legendary card. But it has nothing to support you in mercenaries.

1. Kurtus Ashfallen

Kurtus have shown to exact more power in mercenaries than others listed here. Sadly, you can’t play him in many decks.

1. War Master Voone

This is the weakest and most sluggish fighter you would think of the hearthstone. He is of no use unless you have no other choice.


1. Millhouse Manastorm

This legendary card uses arcane magic. And it’s very weak when applied to mercenaries.

1. Tyrande

This mercenary also relies on arcane spells to perform. But since spells are weak in mercenaries, they’re of no use.

1. Scabs Cutterbutter

Scabs perform depending on the situation of the game. But while is slow and weak in response.


1. Tavish Stormpike

Tavish deals raw damage. So, he must get near an enemy before performing which makes him prone to hits from the enemy.

1. Rexxar

This card centers around beasts and damage. You can enjoy him in the game but, it is weak when compared with others.

1. Blink Fox

This card also makes use of arcane magic. This rules him out of the cards to take with him.


1. King Krush

He looks great when you’re picking mercenaries. But when in battle, his abilities are weak.

1. Bru’Kan

Another card that seems cool in the game is the Bru’Kan. But his abilities can’t help you win a fight.

1. Guff

We could have included this card in the D tier. But, he has great abilities than most cards in the D tier.


1. Lady Anacondra

The final in our least is the Lady Anacondra. She’s might be the weakest night elves in hearthstone.

B Tier

The cards mentioned here are a kind of balanced in hearthstone.

1. Brightwing

There are the strongest dragons in Hearthstone. Though, not the strongest mercenary. But, you have something to gain from using him.


1. Anduin Wrynn

This card is a human caster and very easy to play. He can unleash an overwhelming punch when needed.

1. Varden Dawnsgrasp

Maybe, one of the best blood elves in Hearthstone. His unique abilities include the ‘cold snap.’

1. Uther

This card can exact its power when there is the presence of buffs and holy spells. He is good to go with.


1. Prophet Velen

He is the only Draenei caster in the game. His abilities include the ‘Velen’s blessing’.

1. Natalie Seline

Natalie Seline is another human caster in the game. She is powerful when using both shadow and light spells.

1. Jaina Proudmoore

In traditional hearthstone, Jaina is a powerful card to choose from. Also, in mercenaries, she has a great role to help you win.


1. Malfurion Stormrage

Even as an enviable character in traditional hearthstone. His abilities are as well powerful as mercenaries.

1. Cornelius Roame

This is a great card to play with. Cornelius can add a great buff to other mercenaries and can sacrifice himself for the more great buff to others.

A Tier

The cards in the A Tier are very unique and rare. They have some unique and powerful cards you can choose from.


1. Thrall

He is a very nice choice to make in mercenaries. He has a variety of powerful skills to support you.

1. Diablo

Diablo is a demon fighter and comes with great abilities. you can choose him for any demon deck.

1. Blademaster Samuro

This card is fast in damage delivery to opponents. So, he is one of the cards you should always play in Mercenaries.


1. The Lich King

With his slow abilities, he can slow down your opponents and help you gain tempo. While others will slew them off.

1. Tirion Fordring

Tirion is known for its unique abilities. Using him will debuff your opponent‘s mercenaries and buff your mercenaries.

1. Tamsin Roame

The Tamsin is an undead caster. And can use her shadow spells to destroy your opponents. She can also restrict your opponent from healing.


1. Saurfang

This card gets stronger when he receives more damage. By so, he gets greater power and at a point. He can be a whirl-storm to your enemies.

1. Sylvanas Windrunner

This card is strong enough to fight against humans. Her unique ability, ‘for the queen’ is very powerful.

1. Rokara

Rokara is a legendary mercenary. But can be more dangerous to enemies when with a band of orc mercenaries.



The aforementioned mercenaries are from the various tiers of the game and you can see the one that suits you based on their abilities. Do well to leverage any of the characters that meet your requirements from any of the tiers that have been mentioned above.

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