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Halls of Torment is an exciting and enthralling horde survival roguelike that challenges you to survive a seemingly endless horde of ever-strengthening monsters. With each run, you’ll pick up Gold and unlock new Heroes, Traits, Abilities, and Items that’ll help you withstand the horrific Halls of Torment.

By placing items in the well, which you unlock very early, you can collect items. The old man must then be paid in order to unlock them permanently. If you know you are about to pass away, it can be helpful to throw any new items you are carrying into the well.

This Halls of Torment Wiki Guide will explain how to unlock every Character, their strengths, and weaknesses, offer advice for constructing the ideal build for your playstyle, and provide tips and techniques to help you survive the diabolical wave of demon spawn.  Read on to find out more!


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About The Game

The horde survival game Halls of Torment has a pre-rendered vintage aesthetic reminiscent of RPGs from the late 1990s.

Enter the dreadful Halls of Torment by selecting one of the many hero characters. Until you face one of the afflicted lords, battle horrible beasts from beyond, and survive wave after wave. Characteristics, skills, and equipment can help your hero progress.


Make a fresh, potent build for every run. Find new, full objects as you explore several underground caverns and descend further into the depths.

Characters in Halls of Torment can be significantly customized through their talents and qualities. While there is a ton to try, it can be overwhelming for someone just starting. Here are some pointers for new players who want to learn gameplay fundamentals and how to build a character’s strength over time.

It would help to increase your movement speed to stand a chance against more powerful foes. Large circles around adversaries are another good evasive technique. Running in broad circles prevents adversaries from running directly at you because most enemies do.


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Game Features

  • Short, relaxed runs of no more than 30 minutes
  • An outdated form of pre-rendered art
  • Depending on the quest progression
  • A wide variety of unique skills, traits, and artifacts may all be combined to make fascinating combos
  • Various enemies with distinctive mechanics and attack styles
  • Items can be retrieved and utilized in the overworld to alter subsequent runs.
  • Dozens of compelling characters that allow for a wide variety of playstyles
  • Explore a variety of intriguing and difficult underground landscapes.
  • Interactable settings: Take advantage of traps and dangers!

Characters In Halls of Torment

These playable characters each have various base attacks, qualities, and attributes that provide them a different tactical advantage. You can choose your perfect team combination:

Halls of Torment Class Guide! (All Classes/Characters)


1. Warlock

As summoners, warlocks’ primary tool is to summon an enemy unit that charges at them and deals damage to them. With a slow yet wide-ranging attack, they can call a golem that rolls and harms adversaries in its path. Warlocks can also call forth lightning strikes, which stun other opponents nearby and hit random targets.

The standard attack of a warlock could be more powerful. However, it has an extensive range and much enemy destruction power. Due to its 0 primary stat, any player utilizing the Warlock character cannot critically damage the enemy.

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2. Exterminator

An exterminator is a ranged fighter who uses various fire-based techniques to cause a lot of damage to foes. The default flamethrower attack allows players to pierce and hit many opponents simultaneously while dealing damage in a straight line. Exterminators are rapid and effective strikes that can sometimes burn enemies while still damaging them.

Exterminators are strong and swift, and they may deal massive damage with their assaults, according to some players. They have high attack speed and power but little defensive strength, making them open to attack opponents. Exterminators are often dangerous and unusual.

3. Cleric

These players will adore this character if they enjoy necromancy. In the game, clerics are undead characters that wield a staff as their primary weapon to slaughter and obliterate opponents and monsters.


Although clerics fight slowly and painfully, even the most formidable foes can suffer significant damage from their attacks. They can also disperse and destroy enemy formations with their strike.

The default attack of the Cleric has a broad cone-shaped area of effect and can hit multiple foes at once. If the attack hits numerous opponents simultaneously, the Cleric’s default attack damage is distributed among them. However, if only one adversary is struck by the assault, that enemy takes the entire weight of the damage.

4. Sorceress

Sorceresses are strong characters that can strike numerous targets at once with lightning bolts to harm the enemy. They are experts in the arcane arts and are equipped with potent spells capable of efficiently breaking even bosses in the game. Players must beat 10,000 opponents in Forgotten Viaduct to unlock this character.


With a medium attack range, this character is quite effective offensively. Still, they have one of the lowest starting health stats and terrible defensive stats. They have a decent possibility of dealing a critical strike to the enemy. They are nimble and agile enough to avoid hostile attacks.

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5. Archer Halls of agony

This playable persona would appeal to players who prefer sniping adversaries and engaging in distant combat. With their chosen weapon of choice, the Bow and Arrow, archers are perfect for bringing out adversaries from a great distance. Players can use two arrows to assault several foes simultaneously with this character class’ normal attack.


Of all the playable character classes in Halls of Torment, this character has the highest chance of dealing a critical strike to an adversary. Due to their great offensive potential and risk of a critical hit, enemies face dreadful opponents.

However, they have the lowest defensive numbers in the game, making them vulnerable defensively. Archers overcome their lack of defense with speed and agility by dodging assaults and keeping out of harm’s path.

6. Swordsmen Halls of Punishment

Some people believe that this character—the default beginning character in Halls of Torment—is the most impartial one. Sworders are melee combatants that utilize swords as their primary weapon.


They can harm or dismember several opponents with a single blow. They don’t concentrate on offensive or defense, yet they have good stats for both.

The Swordsman character can hold their own in battle against any foes that come in their way. This is mainly attributable to their adeptness with a sword and balanced attack-defense ratio. It’s also important to note that this character has the highest game-wide base health stat.

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7. Shieldmaiden

In Halls of Torment, Shieldmaidens have the most formidable protection of any character. They are complete individuals who thrive at both attack and defense. Their tremendous endurance boosts their chances of victory, and as their block strength rises, so does the damage they deal to adversaries.

Their strikes successfully dislodge opponents, and their Critical Hit damages them by 200%. They can inflict harm on the adversary with offensive moves like Dragon’s Breath, which inflicts fire damage on enemies in front of them, and Radiant Aura, which harms enemies in the immediate vicinity.


Players in Halls of Torment have a variety of unique playable characters to select from when battling the Tormented Lords and their waves of foes and monsters. A player can choose a character that best fits them from Archers to Warlocks.


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