Guilty Gear Strive Tier List 2023

This post provides the list of the best fighters in Guilty Gear Strive. Below are the best characters In Guilty Gear Strive you can choose to help you dominate the war front.

  • Happy Chaos
  • Sol Badguy
  • May
  • Giovanna
  • Ramlethal Valentine

Let’s learn about their abilities.

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1. Happy Chaos

Happy Chaos is one of the best fighters in Guilty Gear Strive. He is no ordinary fighter, and he’s the first and most powerful magic wielder in the game, surpassing some of the giants in the Guilty Gear strive.

He discovered something called the Backyard, pioneered magic use, and created the powerful Tome of Origin. Happy Chaos also possesses the ability to manipulate the game with ease.

He can cast powerful attacks, conjure complex objects out of thin air, and even teleport. Also, he can hack into the most secure computer networks.


So, if you ever need a computer genius on your side, he’s your guy. However, If that wasn’t enough, Happy Chaos can brainwash people, changing their appearance into something rather peculiar. He’s even manipulated and enslaved other characters against their will.

2. Sol Badguy

Sol Badguy

Sol Badguy may seem like a laid-back guy, but don’t let his casual demeanor fool you. He’s widely regarded as one of the most powerful characters in the Guilty Gear series, and for good reason.


Sol doesn’t exactly have the most driven personality as he tends to take a relaxed approach to life, but when it comes to fighting, he’s all business.

Despite his carefree attitude, Sol is an advanced practitioner of magic, especially if it is to fire spells. Sol is also a brilliant scientist.

He’s had a hand in creating some powerful spells and inventions, including the Saint Oratorio spell, the Gear Cell Suppressor, the Outrage, and the Firewheel Mk.2.


Due to some modifications during the Baptisma 13 incident, Sol can create a master ghost and servants. These are powerful abilities, but he uses them less often due to the risks involved.

Sol’s weapon of choice is the Fireseal, a blunt sword that boosts his fire spell. He uses it like an extension of his body and has a unique fighting style that’s all about brute force.

In the game, Sol is known for his aggressive and close-to-mid-range combat style. He’s a self-taught brawler who focuses on practical, powerful attacks rather than skills. However, he may not look elegant, but he’s effective.


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3. May


May’s small stature, but she’s a force to be reckoned with in Guilty Gear Strive. With a massive ship’s anchor and a set of unique abilities, she is one of the best characters In the game.


May might not look like it, but she’s a powerhouse in her own right. Even Faust, a character known for his unique insights, recognizes the immense power concealed within her.

May’s weapon of choice is a ship’s anchor, and she wields it easily. Despite her small size, she displays superhuman strength when swinging it.

Also, May has a talent for summoning aquatic creatures, such as Mr. Dolphin, the otter Dodomezaki, and the killer whale Mr. Goshogawara, to attack her opponents.


This ability is considered the height of magical skills in the game. In the game, May impresses with exceptional normal attacks and incredible air mobility. She’s a versatile fighter, brilliant in both ground-based and aerial combat.

However, May’s only downsides in gameplay are her challenges in converting damage without corner positioning and her limited options against long-range characters. But her strengths are more than make up for these limitations.

4. Giovanna



Giovanna, one of the best fighters in Guilty Gear Strive may not be your typical combatant. But with her wolf spirit mate, Rei, and amazing skills, Giovanna brings both speed and power to the battlefield.

Giovanna has a powerful wolf spirit that can grant her incredible speed and improve her abilities. She combines acrobatics and martial arts with Rei’s help to deliver quick and powerful attacks., and she’s good at getting up close with her opponents and keeping them on the defensive.

Her short-range abilities might seem like a disadvantage, but she has a trick. She can use special moves to bridge the gap between her and her rival in the blink of an eye. As her Tension Gauge fills, she becomes more dangerous.


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5. Ramlethal Valentine

Ramlethal Valentine

Ramlethal Valentine is one of the best characters with extraordinary power and knowledge. Designed by her enigmatic Mother, Ramlethal wields both her inherent strength and an array of abilities that make her a tough opponent.


Even the seasoned Slayer has acknowledged her incredible abilities. While her strength is undeniable, both Ky and Sol have noticed that Ramlethal tends to rely heavily on her power to secure victory.

Also, Ramlethal is proficient in hand-to-hand combat, using kicks, scratches, and energy-based attacks to great effect. She can generate slashing claws, create energy barriers, and even manipulate her organic cloak for offensive maneuvers.

Her most iconic weapons are two massive greatswords that she can summon or dismiss at will. She can position them to fire powerful energy beams or extend their reach with blades of green light.


Plus, they are carried by two balloon-like familiars, Venus and Velva, which can combine to form the hard Lucifero. Ramlethal also possesses the ability to fly.

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