Guide To Get Partial Resurrection In Type Soul

I have always wondered how you can achieve Partial Resurrection in Type Soul. This is an extraordinary ability you would want to get to Improve your gameplay.

Partial Resurrection is the Arrancar’s version of leveling up. I do refer to It as unlocking a powerful ability, somewhat similar to what’s known as Shikai in the game.

Assume you have this mighty sword, and instead of just swinging it around, you absorb its energy. It’s connecting your spirit with your weapon.


As a result, your Arrancar character starts to look less human-like because along with this change comes a surge of newfound strength. Partial Res is a game-changer. With this ability in your arsenal, you get access to a whole bunch of powerful moves.

Let’s find out how you can get It.

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Type Soul How To Get Partial Resurrection Fast + Full Guide!

How To Get Partial Resurrection In Type Soul

1. Level Up to Grade 2

First things first, you need to level up your character to Grade 2.

2. Locate The NPC

If you have leveled up to grade 2, now, the hunt begins for a specific NPC in Hueco Mundo. This NPC is a sneaky character, randomly spawning in different areas. You can check locations like on top of rocks, near the throne, inside unique rooms, and around the Castle.


3. Obtain The Missing Res-based Object

Once you’ve tracked down the NPC, interact. They’ll generously spawn an item related to your Resurrection. This item’s appearance gives you a clue about your specific Resurrection type, If it’s bones, vampiric, slashing, or other. Now, your mission is to search for this item within the Castle or in the vicinity of the throne area.

4. Complete The Obby Parkour Quest

Head to the Void Pit, located to the extreme left of the Castle, and get ready for some serious action. This is a virtual obstacle course where you must move through various challenges without taking fall damage.

It’s the highest test of your gaming skills. Practice, refine your skills, and conquer the course to unlock the full potential of Partial Resurrection.


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Alternative Methods For Completing The Obby Parkour Quest

Here are some backup plans in case things don’t go as smoothly as planned.

1. Cooldown And Faction Bypass

You’re on the quest, giving it your all, and fortunately, you meet an untimely end. There’s a three-hour cooldown before you can try the quest again.


If you’re up for some action, defeat three players from a faction different than yours, and the cooldown is bypassed. Alternatively, head to the second floor, spot a purple orb on a table, interact with it, and restart the quest without the annoyance of fighting.

2. Guiding The Obby Parkour

Assuming you’ve got the required item, you need to move through the Obby Parkour. This part requires some skills. Avoid enemies and other players like the plague because if you kick the bucket, the entire quest starts over.

Head left from the castle entrance, find two rocks, walk through them, and keep going straight. Spot a skeleton? Good, you’re on the right track. Walk a bit more, and you’ll see a spire, that’s where the pit is. Jump in carefully.


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3. Caution In The Parkour Pit

When you’re falling into the pit, here’s a golden rule, hands off the keyboard. Moving can lead to an unfortunate fall and a quest reset.

Before tackling the actual challenge, do a bit of practice using the provided game. Once you conquer the parkour challenge, the Partial Resurrection reward awaits.


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