Great Sword Simulator Codes

Roblox offers the fascinating realm of the Great Sword Simulator. Train hard, destroy automobiles to win, and fight with legendary greatswords in epic battles.

In this action-packed simulation game, summon mighty heroes, compete for the Top 50 Leaderboards, and embark on a quest for power and conquest.

The game adds a distinctive twist to the action by integrating car smashing. Players unleash their might on cars, gaining valuable wins that help them develop. This dynamic function adds an element of excitement and variety to the entire gaming experience.


This post contains the codes for the Sword Fighters Simulator that can substantially accelerate gameplay progression.  In this post, we offered the active Roblox Great Sword Simulator Codes that can be redeemed for tonnes of diamonds, potions, wins, and more. Let’s save time and look at the list of codes for this game.

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All List of Codes

  • LIKES5000 ——- 1x Ultra Lucky Potion (NEW)
  • LIKES2000 ——— 1x Super Lucky Potion (NEW)
  • LIKES500 ——— 1x Super Lucky Potion
  • THANKYOU ——– 1x Free Legendary Luffy Hero
  • LIKES100 ——- 1x Super Lucky Potion
  • LIKES50 ——- 1x Double Power Potion
  • LIKES10 ——– 1x Double Win Potion

About The Game

Great Sword Simulator immerses users in an amazing Roblox experience that combines the pursuit of power, battles, and legendary weapons in an epic journey.

Aspiring sworders enter a virtual realm where training is an essential component of strength development. Rigorous training sessions help athletes build power and prepare them for future challenges.

Great Sword Simulator revolves around the acquisition and mastering of legendary greatswords. Players use these strong weapons to unleash their force on their opponents in battle. Greatswords come in various styles and methods, allowing players to personalize their approach to fight.


All functional Roblox Great Sword Simulator Codes for free potions and diamonds to help you earn more cash can be found in this post.

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How To Redeem The Codes

  • Open Roblox and launch the Great Sword Simulator.
  • Press the Codes button on the right side of the screen.
  • Once completed, enter the code from the list below in the text field.
  • Tap Redeem, and voilà! Rewards are in your account.

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Final Words

In the Great Sword Simulator, codes can speed up your in-game progress. These codes can reward you with free potions and even heroes, which can be quite useful as you work to reach the Top 50 Leaderboards.

By using these codes, you can speed up your quest to become the most powerful player in the game, making your experience in Roblox Great Sword Simulator even more enjoyable.

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