Grand Pirates Trello (2023) And Wiki – Full Guide

Every game has an information base that gamers and eventual lovers of the game would find very useful before they get their hands on the game, and also whilst they are playing it. 

Grand Pirates is an exciting game that was developed by Grand Pirates Official and continues to attract followership and gamers from around the world. 

In this article, you will get access to useful information on Grand Pirates Trello and guides as we will provide you with details about constituents of the game such as Devil Fruits, Maps, Gamepass, Fruits, Swords Styles, and Sword List.

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Grand Pirates Trello And Wiki

This Roblox adventure game allows players to explore, especially for those who love pirate-themed stories and releases. 

In this game, you will begin your journey and also be handed the chance to acquire new abilities on your quest, including swords, fruits, and islands, amongst other goodies.

All You Should Know About Devil Fruits In Grand Pirates.

Based on the gameplay, it can be seen that Devil Fruits are enigmatic and recognizable fruits that can be found all over the game’s world.

These fruits gift those that eat them with permanent superhuman abilities as well as a permanent inability to swim.

The Devil Fruits as a whole encompass hundreds of different powers, ranging from the (seemingly) ordinary to those that are inherently destructive to large groups of people.

If devil fruits fascinate you, you can acquire them with the use of Robux or 500,000 peli. You can also decide to find them on your own every 1 to 2 hours.

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What are Logia Devil Fruits In Grand Pirates?

The Logia variety of Devil Fruit is the most uncommon of the three distinct kinds. 

Those who eat the fruit gain the ability to change the make-up of their bodies into any natural substance at will, and can also create and exert control over that substance.

When Raki first learned about the Devil Fruit abilities of Enel, he coined the term Logia to describe them.

Grand Pirates Fruits Tier List

Common Fruits

  • Suke
  • Chop
  • Kilo
  • Spike

Rare Fruits

  • Barrier
  • Bomb
  • Paw

Legendary Fruits

  • Ice
  • Mera

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Mythical Fruits

  • Light

Grand Pirates Tier List


  • Suke
  • Chop


  • Kilo
  • Spike


  • Barrier
  • Bomb


  • Ice
  • Mera


  • Light


  • 1SS
  • 2SS’
  • 3SS
  • Cutless
  • White Blade
  • Dark Blade

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  • SHIFT – Camera Lock
  • CTRL – Run
  • M – Menu
  • 2x Spacebar – Geppo
  • J – Buso Haki
  • H – Conqueror Haki

Game Map

grand pirates game map


In this article, we have provided you with reliable and significant information on Grand Pirates Trello and Wiki. Do well to leverage this guide in your quest to make your experience whilst playing this game worthwhile.

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