Gorilla Tag Experience Script

If you love the feel of a hide-and-seek game, you can’t afford to miss the features of the Gorilla Tag. Not to mention that the Gorilla Tag experience script is a file that contains code that can be used to tweak the game’s behavior.

The script can be used to do things like change the appearance of the game, add new features, or even create entirely new game modes. Herein, we’ll be providing you with the safest script to MOD and seek your way out of the Gorilla’s sight.

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Gorilla Tag Experience Script

Script 1

local library = loadstring(game:HttpGet("https://raw.githubusercontent.com/miroeramaa/TurtleLib/main/TurtleUiLib.lua"))()
local window1 = library:Window("Scripts")
local window2 = library:Window("Teleport Areas")
window1:Button("Infinite Wins", function()
while true do
local dec = game:GetService("Workspace"):FindFirstChild("ClickToGetCash").ClickDetector
local fun = game:GetService("Workspace"):FindFirstChild("ClickToGetCash").ClickDetector
window2:Button("Become 'The Owner'", function()
game.Players.LocalPlayer.Character.HumanoidRootPart.CFrame = CFrame.new(86.2295, 153.292, -61.2144)
game.Players.LocalPlayer.Character.HumanoidRootPart.CFrame = CFrame.new(-53.8332, 54.5046, -18.4723)
window2:Button("Become a Moderator", function()
game.Players.LocalPlayer.Character.HumanoidRootPart.CFrame = CFrame.new(-55.9958, 55.8117, -156.784)
game.Players.LocalPlayer.Character.HumanoidRootPart.CFrame = CFrame.new(-53.8332, 54.5046, -18.4723)
window2:Button("Become a normal monke", function()
game.Players.LocalPlayer.Character.HumanoidRootPart.CFrame = CFrame.new(-53.8332, 54.5046, -18.4723)
window2:Button("Become a Lava Monke", function()
game.Players.LocalPlayer.Character.HumanoidRootPart.CFrame = CFrame.new(81.9818, 57.4331, -57.0199)
window1:Slider("Walkspeed",16,70,5, function(value)
game:GetService("Players").LocalPlayer.Character.Humanoid.WalkSpeed = value
window1:Slider("JumpPower",50,150,20, function(value)
game:GetService("Players").LocalPlayer.Character.Humanoid.JumpPower = value
Title = "Important!", 
Text = "Infinite Wins and Become the Owner is Patched!",
Button1 = "unpatch pls?",Button2 = "no", Duration = 20, })

Script 2


Script 3


How To Use a Gorilla Tag Experience Script

To use a Gorilla Tag experience script, you will need to copy it from this website and then import it into the game. There are a few different ways to do this, but the easiest way is to use the Gorilla Tag Modding Tool.

Once you have imported the script, you will need to enable it in the game’s settings. To do this, go to the “Mods” tab and then check the box next to the script’s name.

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Best Exploit To Use For Gorilla Tag Experience Script

Check out the list of exploits you can use to run Gorilla Tag Experience Script on your PC.

  • TrigonEvo
  • Oxgyen U
  • Script-Ware
  • Viper X
  • Valyse Executor
  • Nekto Executor
  • Codex Executor
  • Vega X
  • Fadys Executor
  • Frost X
  • Kiwi X Executor
  • Flooded V
  • Exoliner
  • Blackout
  • Delta Executor
  • Anemo Executor
  • Evon Executor
  • Kato Executor
  • Arceus X
  • KRNL
  • JJSploit
  • Zeus
  • Hydrogen

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Benefits of Using Gorilla Tag Experience Script?

Below are some of the things you perform with the Gorilla Tag experience script.

  • Change the appearance of the game. You can change the color of the walls, the sky, or even the player models.
  • Add new features. You can add new game modes, new power-ups, or even new ways to move around the map.
  • Create entirely new game modes. If you’re feeling creative, you can use a Gorilla Tag experience script to create your custom game mode.

Are Gorilla Tag Experience Scripts Safe?

Yes, Gorilla Tag experience scripts are safe to use. They are simply files that contain code, and they cannot harm your computer or your game.

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Final Thoughts

While it is tough to escape in the  Gorilla simulation hide-and-seek game, using the Tag Experience Script is a great way to make things a little easier. It helps players to customize the game and add new features.

If you’re looking for a way to make the game more fun, then I encourage you to check out the Gorilla Tag Experience Script to feel the difference.

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