The 6 Best Mods To Use in Google Snake

There are many Google Snake mods to play if you’re a fan of the Google Snake game. The Google snake game has been around for quite a while now. And it is one of the coolest games to pass time with during leisure.

The new update on Google snake mods allows you to customize your snake. You can also change your Google Snake color, have a cheese mod, and lots more. In this article, we will be discussing more Google mods even the latest released mods to spice your game up.

If you’re new to this game, you can play Google Snake Game by typing Snake Game in the Google Search bar. But using Google Snake Mods calls for additional steps. Read on to see how to activate each Google Snake mod.

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How to add Google Snake Mods?

To use Google snake mods, you will need to unlock the snake mods. The process is what I will be carrying on now through GitHub. Though the process is tedious, don’t worry; I have detailed them in more straightforward terms.

  • Step 1: Visit GitHub to download Google Snake Mod.
  • Step 2: Download the Moremenu.html file and save it in a file or the download folder.
  • Step 3: Use your keyboard “CTRL+SHIFT+O” to launch your browser Bookmark menu.      
  • Step 4: Follow this step to import files from bookmarks. Click on the three horizontal dots to see the import file option.
  • Step 5: You are to add the downloaded MoreMenu.html file here. Before then, type in “Snake Game” in your browser.
  • Step 6: Click on the three horizontal dots and follow this step: Bookmark-Imported-More Menu Stuff.
  • Step 7: If you have imported the file. Tap on the cog wheel symbol. The Google Snake mods are here.

You have to enable the Google Snake mods now. Now you can play different Google Snake mods on your browser. You will have access to new maps, increase or reduce the snake speed, and lots more.

To uninstall the Google Snake mods. Close your browser and relaunch it, this should remove the google snake mods. Or you can delete the Google Snake game menu file from the bookmark, this will remove the game and the mods also.


Best Google Snake Mods

Let’s look at the Google Snake mods you can play.

1. Dark Mod

If you like using black themes on your device as I do. You can set your Google Snake mods to black them. The appearance will also look great and interesting.

If you don’t know how to install the dark mods on your Google Snake mods. Click the Get Google Snake Dark Mod and type in “window. snake. dark (); ”. This will take you to GitHub and download the Dark Mod. It also comes with a guide on how to use it.


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2. Cheese Mod

With Cheese Mode, you can add more fun to your game snake mods. Google Snake is known to be active at a particular place. But with the Cheese Mod, you can have it in many places and have more fun.

Get Google Cheese Modial”>To get this cheese mod, Click the and type in “window. snake. cheese (); ”. This will lead you to GitHub and you can install the cheese mod to spice your game up.


3. Google Snake Animated Color

This is another pretty Google snake mod to change your snake color to an animated color. Having the “Google Snake Animated Color” is another way to spice your game up. There are many colors to pick from the color mod.

To get this mod, Click the Google Snake Animated Color and type in “window. snake. Snake_animated_color (); ”. This will lead you to GitHub to download the Google Snake animated color mod.

4. Snake Wall Endgame Sooner

Another great Google Snake mod to try out. The “Snake Wall Endgame Sooner” is a great Google snake mod. This Google snake mod will add walls to your snake space. The importance of this mod is that it will spice the game up as you won’t like to hit the wall.


To get this Google snake mod, Click the Snake Wall Endgame Sooner and type in “snake. wall_every_apple (); ”. This will lead you to the GitHub page to download the Snake Wall endgame sooner.

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5. Google Snake Any Board Size

Google Snake any board size will remove walls from your Google snake game. You can use these Google Snake mods to remove and adjust your garden wall heights. You can choose where walls will appear in the game.


To get these Google Snake mods, Click the Google Snake Any Board Size. This will enable you to download the Google Snake mods.

6. Twin Mod

Last on our list here is the Google Snake Twin Mod. The twin mod allows your snake to have double heads. It also offers you a new game mode to play. You will surely enjoy the twin mod once you have it installed.

The benefit of the twin mod is you can eat food twice. While the disadvantage is you can get destroyed by its two heads. Just visit any of the links above, at the search bar, type in “Twin Mod”. Followed by installing the mod on your browser.


We will pend it here for now. But if you want more google snake mods, there are many out there. We have listed other mods below to search at the bar in GitHub.

  • Classic Mode
  • Blender Mode
  • Peaceful Mode
  • Infinity Borderless Mode
  • Key Unlock Mode
  • Portal Mode
  • Sokoban Mode

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With these modes, you can change your snake color, increase difficulty, and many more things to try out. Hope you find this article helpful. We hope to see you enjoy your Google Snake game. Also, remember that you can uninstall or delete any of Google Snake mods by closing your browser or deleting the game. Have great fun.


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