Go Battle League Timed Research (Guide)

The new Go Battle League Timed Research has arrived in Pokémon Go. It has been met with enthusiasm from players everywhere.

This new feature has opened up a whole new way to battle in the popular mobile game, and it’s worth considering what it has to offer. In this blog post, we’ll explore what Timed Research is, what rewards it can offer, and how to make the most of it.

So, to kick up your Pokémon Go battles to the next level, read on to learn more about Go Battle League Timed Research!


Pokemon Go Battle League Timed Research Tasks & Rewards

Is a new feature added to Pokemon Go in 2020? It allows players to complete research tasks with Pokemon Go Battle League rewards. The lessons can be completed in a specific time frame, and prizes will vary depending on the job. Players will receive tips such as Poke Balls, Stardust, Rare Candy, and Battle Points.

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With the bonuses, players can improve their Pokemon Go Battle League rankings and increase their chances of winning. It’s a great way to earn extra rewards while playing Pokemon Go Battle League.


Step 1

Step 1 battles can be done in either the Great League, Ultra League, or Master League, depending on the player’s preference. After completing the five matches, the player will be rewarded with rewards such as Stardust, Poke Balls, and other items.

This is an excellent way for players to gain experience with the game and an opportunity to earn rewards. Furthermore, the knowledge gained from these battles can help players improve their battle strategies and techniques.

Go Battle League Timed Research is a weekly event where trainers can complete research tasks to obtain rewards. Each week, trainers can participate in a new timed research event. These events involve completing tasks such as defeating a certain number of opponents, catching a certain number of Pokémon, and winning a certain number of battles.


Rewards for completing these tasks include Stardust, Rare Candies, and items such as TMs. To participate in the timed research event, trainers must have the Go Battle League unlocked, and their Trainer Level must be at least level 10.

Once the event has started, trainers have one hour to complete as many tasks as possible. The rewards the trainer has earned will be sent to their Item Bag at the end of the hour.

Step 2

This could include anything from Pokeballs to Razz Berries and even Rare Candy or Stardust. Depending on the difficulty of the research task, players will need to collect a certain number of these items to complete the job.


Gathering enough of these items can be a challenge, but players can find them in the wild or by spinning PokeStops. If players are having trouble, they can purchase them from the in-game shop. Once the items have been collected, players need to complete the research task and report their findings.

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Step 3

In this step, players will queue up to fight in the Battle Stadium and be pitted against another person or a computer-controlled trainer, depending on their rank. During the battle, players will use their Pokemon to war against opponents and try to defeat them.


Players will need to use strategy and knowledge of the game to win. This can be done by understanding the weaknesses of their opponent’s Pokemon, as well as the strengths of their own.

Additionally, players should take advantage of type advantages and other battle tactics to win. After the battle, players will receive rewards based on their rank and time spent in the fight.

Step 4

In Step 4 Players can fight online against friends or random opponents. This step allows players to battle against others in a competitive environment and earns rewards. The rewards earned include Stardust, Rare Candy, and even new Pokémon.


After battles, players will receive a rank based on their performance, which can be used to match up with similarly skilled opponents. Battling in Go Battle League can open players to new strategies and techniques while also helping them become better trainers.

Step 5

Step 5 involves participating in Ranked Battles. By doing this, players must battle against other players to earn points and climb up the ranks. To do this, players must have enough Ultra Balls, Razz Berries, and Rare Candies in their inventory.

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They must also ensure they have the correct Pokemon to battle with, as the Go Battle League rules will determine this. Players must also ensure they have the proper move sets for their Pokemon to increase their chances of winning battles.

Lastly, players must pay attention to the weather and terrain bonuses to maximize their chances of winning. After each battle, players will receive points and a rank depending on their performance. With enough wins, players can reach the highest grades in the Go Battle League.

Go Battle League: Mythical Wishes Update

The newest update to the Go Battle League, Mythical Wishes, will make competitive Pokemon Go even more exciting. With the update, players can now experience timed research that will reward them for completing the tasks. These tasks include catching certain Pokemon, battling in the Go Battle League, and meeting other activities.


The rewards will surely be worth the effort, as they will consist of unique items, exclusive avatar items, and even a chance to encounter a Mythical Pokemon. With the timed research feature, Go Battle League is now, more than ever, the perfect place to battle with your Pokemon.

How to Get the Battle League Timed Research Pass In Pokemon Go

The Battle League Timed Research Pass is a unique item that allows players to access timed research tasks in Pokemon Go. The pass is available for purchase from the in-game store for 400 PokéCoins, and it grants access to a whole week of particular timed research tasks.

These tasks require players to battle in the Battle League for rewards such as rare items, Stardust, and even exclusive Pokemon encounters.


To get the most out of the timed research, players should take part in all the battles offered during the week. Doing so will allow them to complete the tasks faster and get the rewards as soon as possible. Participating in this timed research will enable players to get exclusive tips they otherwise wouldn’t have access to.

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How to Battle In the Pokemon Go Battle League

The Pokemon Go Battle League is fun to test your skills against other players worldwide. To get started, all you need to do is select a Timed Research task. This task will give you step-by-step instructions on how to join a battle.


You will then be matched up with an opponent, and the competition will begin. You will be able to use your Pokemon’s special moves and battle strategies to try to defeat your opponent.

You will have a limited time to complete the battle, so you will have to think quickly and strategically. Winning battles will earn you awards and rewards. You can also use the Battle League to practice your battle techniques and strategies and improve your team’s overall performance.

Frequently Asked Questions About Go Battle League

Here are five frequently asked questions about Go Battle League that provide insight into the experience:


1. What are the rewards for Go Battle League?

Players participating in the Go Battle League can earn rewards such as rare items, XP, and Stardust.

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2. What are the different leagues in Go Battle League?

The Go Battle League is divided into Great League, Ultra League, and Master League.


3. How do I join the Go Battle League?

Players must have a minimum of level 10 and a sufficient amount of Stardust to join the Go Battle League.

4. How do I earn points in the Go Battle League?

Points are earned by winning battles and completing battles within specific time limits.

5. What is the ranking system in the Go Battle League?

Players are ranked based on their total points earned during a season. The higher the rank, the better rewards they will receive.



The conclusion of the research into the Go Battle League Timed Research is that the feature is an excellent way for players to earn rewards in the game. It is an easy way to complete tasks and gain bonuses, providing a competitive and exciting way for players to compete against others for rewards. 

It is an excellent addition to the game and is a great way for players to keep up with the ever-evolving meta-game. With the Go Battle League launch, the Timed Research feature is sure to be a hit with players.

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