For Honor Codes

For Honor is an exceptional game that takes players on an immersive journey through a world shattered by a cataclysm. Surviving warriors, now divided into Vikings, Knights, and Samurais, engage in an ongoing battle for survival.

Amidst the chaos, the game’s campaign offers a heartfelt narrative, showcasing the intensity of armored combat and battle cries.

Are you interested in acquiring the most recent For Honor Codes that provide a variety of in-game benefits such as free gear, steel, credits, and much more?

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You’re in luck because this is the perfect source for you! In this article, we have provided comprehensive instructions on how to redeem these codes. Make sure to read until the end to ensure you can swiftly obtain all the exciting rewards waiting for you.

For Honor codes

  • 744-NRY-264 – Redeem for 1200 Steel
  • 859-KUH-562 – Redeem for 800 Coins
  • 422-JKW-359 – Redeem for a random gear setup
  • C39-JEE-895 – Redeem for 450 Azarus credits

How to redeem For Honor code

By using these codes, you have the opportunity to claim various rewards, including free Steel, Azarus Credits, and a wide range of gear. To redeem For Honor codes, follow these straightforward instructions:

  • Launch For Honor on your preferred gaming platform.
  • Select one of the listed For Honor codes provided below, copy it, and proceed to the redemption field.
  • Paste the copied code into the designated field.
  • Finally, press the Enter key to apply the code and relish the in-game rewards that await you.

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Enjoy your game!


For Honor is an immersive game set in a post-cataclysm world where Vikings, Knights, and Samurais battle for survival. The game’s campaign offers a captivating narrative, highlighting intense armored combat and battle cries.

This article provides detailed instructions on redeeming these codes, ensuring you can quickly access exciting rewards. Launch the game, choose a code, copy and paste it into the redemption field, and press Enter to enjoy your rewards. Get ready to enhance your gaming experience and have fun!

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