Football Betting Guide – Tips and Strategies

football betting guide

It has never been easy for starters and even sometimes betting gurus to place bets fruitfully. A lot of in-depth research background knowledge, and sometimes a touch of luck is needed. For beginners looking to get into the betting venture, it is advisable to learn the necessary tips and winning strategies to make a worthy experience.

Wagering on Corners

Only the open-minded bettors remain relevant in soccer betting. Wagering on one bet type limits your chances of beating the odds. Luckily, sports betting companies like Betway soccer betting offer multiple betting options. Betting on corners is one unique way of wagering that can turn your bankroll profitable. It may seem unrealistic, but if you can predict the number of corners a particular team will kick or the overall corners in a given match, you are sure of a generous reward.


In case you don’t have a clue about corner kicks, you can try getting the grip of a team’s attacking tactics, how they clear their lines, or how they respond to attacks. These are the factors that make a difference in determining the number of corners in a given match.

Wagering on Small Bets

Considering small bets doesn’t mean that you will not be rewarded handsomely. It is practically economical, and given that soccer betting wholly depends on your bankroll, it is an amazing way of multiplying your money. But if you want to bet on small soccer games successfully, spread the risk on several bets. In case one bet loses, the other wins, and on a good day, both win.

Betting on the Number of Scored Goals

Predicting a soccer match is not that easy. Not always does a predictable option yield a win because the prediction can take the opposite direction. Placing bets on the number of goals saves the day.

Comprehensive research on things like the team’s scoring capabilities, the average number of goals on every match, and the number of goals conceded is all you need to nail it. When betting on the number of goals scored, research on this piece of information can give you remarkable results.


Betting on Two Outcomes (Double Chance)

Betting on double chance is an excellent way of winning a bet if you are a risk-opposed bettor. Making a bet on two outcomes increases your winning chances by 33.3%.  On the same note, double chance guarantees you that you will still get your money in the event one of the two matches loses.

However, betting on two outcomes is characterized by low odds. So, to win a good amount, you need to stake high. Again, double chance betting is related to the risk-averse gamblers, but that does not limit real-time risk-takers from betting on two outcomes. All these and more markets are available on Betway.

Essentially, soccer betting requires skills, and betting tips are the way to go. Established bettors reap huge benefits out of wagering. Moreover, betting is beyond playtime and entertainment. It is a way of earning an income while also improving the bankroll for plow-back. And with the right strategies, wagering becomes more rewarding.


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