Flying Race Clicker Codes

Flying Race is the game where you race a bird to the finish line. The game uses an innovative algorithm that lets you control your bird in real time. You can click on the screen to make your bird flap its wings and fly faster, slow down, or even stop completely. You can also hold down the screen and make him flap his wings faster than usual.

This game aims to beat opponents by getting as many points as possible before time runs out. You collect points by clicking on the screen when your bird is flying fast or waiting for other birds to pass before clicking on the screen. If you collect enough points before time runs out, you win!

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Active Flying Race Clicker Codes

  • 30KLike – Free Rewards & Boosts (NEW)
  • Bread – Free Rewards & Boosts (NEW)
  • Ocean – Free Rewards & Boosts
  • Hero – Free Rewards & Boosts
  • Mushroom – Free Rewards & Boosts
  • 20K – Free Rewards & Boosts
  • IronMan – Free Rewards & Boosts
  • Santa – Free Rewards & Boosts
  • 10K – Free Rewards & Boosts
  • Rainbow – Free Rewards & Boosts
  • Merry Christmas – Free Rewards & Boosts
  • 1000Like – Free Rewards & Boosts
  • 500Like – Free Rewards & Boosts
  • WELCOME – Free Rewards
  • CRYSTAL – Free Rewards
  • 200Like – Free Rewards

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Flying Race Clicker Codes Overview

The game is easy to play; click on the screen to accelerate and make a good distance. You can collect coins and use them to upgrade your car. You have to race against other cars and try to beat them.

The rules for each type of race are as follows:


Normal Race: It’s just like any other race. You fly through as many levels as possible before time runs out or you crash into something. The first person to reach a specific number of points wins!

Team Race: Your team must complete all levels within the time allotted to win! Each level will be assigned a number between 1-100 (with 100 being “easy” and 1 being “very hard”). The first team to complete all their assigned levels wins!

One-On-One Challenge: This is exactly like our normal races except that there are no other players taking part in this challenge—you’re competing against yourself


To play this game, you must first open an account on Afterward, go to the website and click the ‘play now’ button. You will then be able to play the game by following the instructions given in the game.

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