Fire Staff Upgrade Code (Complete Guide)

In Call of Duty, the staff of fire is one of the favorite staves in Origin. This stuff gets weaker when the round usage increases. You can make this weapon a doomsday by continuously upgrading it.

Once it has been upgraded fully, it turns to Kagutsuchi’s Blood. And also becomes the most powerful weapon in Call of Duty and can be charged as well. When it’s been charged, it generates a pool of lava that will last for ten seconds.

To upgrade this weapon, there are seven steps to go about it. In this article, I will walk you through all seven steps. And the steps discussed here are the only way to upgrade the Staff of Fire. The steps will be covered in 5 guides.

Lighting the Candles

This is the first step to take when upgrading the Staff of Fire. But before this, you must have built all four staves. And equipped the Staff of Fire.

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Lighting the Candles is done in the Crazy Place. To get there, you will build a portal in one of the element mines there. Follow the portal to get inside there and locate the Fire area. You will see red colors in different spots; in circles. Also, inside the area are four large concrete cylinders that are holding four candles.

To complete this step, you will defeat the Templar Zombies. Kill the zombies with the Staff of Fire near the candle stands. When the fourth candle is lit, you will hear a voice and Samantha will start talking. That shows that you have completed the first quest.

Take note of the symbols on the wall. The set seen at the left is 21 in Ternary and can convert to 7 in Decimal. The set on the right is 20 in Ternary and converted to 6 in Decimal.

Lighting the Torches

The second step to upgrading the Staff of Fire is Lighting the Torches in the church. When you get to the church, there are many torches on the ground floor of the church, near the Zombie Tank. Look below the torches to see their unique numbers except torch 4 whose number is covered by blood stain.

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At the top level, there are red symbols on its wall. The red symbols are of two different styles. Some are filled in full while some are outlined. The red circles that are filled represent 1. And those filled represent a zero (0). All the symbols there represent unique numbers to decode.

Also, every column means a separate number. When a column has a single filled circle, the column is 1. If the column has an outline, it is a Zero. When there are two filled circles there, it is 2 (1+1).

The numbers can only be read from left to right and represent a number in the Ternary Number System. With the table below, you can convert Ternary Numbers to decimal Numbers for easy decoding.

Number System


You have to shoot the correct torches with the Staff of Fire to light them. Some symbols here may not have lit, just ignore them. But there is a total of four lit groups of symbols. These symbols will show you the number of the four torches that you welllit.

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When the Staff of Fire is upgraded, folks usually use the 3, 4, 5, and 7 numbers. However, these numbers do change. That means you will need to decode the numbers to go to the bottom floor.

  • First, identify the four numbers that you need to be lit.
  • Shoot them with your Staff of Fire to set light on them.
  • You must light all four numbers at the same time, and the flames last for just a while.
  • Don’t go to light them one after another. Once you lit them all, some will likely go out. Lit them back immediately or all of them will go out.
  • Once you have completed this step. Voice will rise again and Samantha will talk to indicate you have completed it.

The Next Step

The final step to upgrade the Staff of Fire is to complete step 5 of the guide. Step 5 involves upgrading the Staves in Origins. Note, steps 5 to 7 are the same in all four staves.

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If you have followed the guides above, it will give you information on further steps to take and upgrade the Staff of Ice, Staff of Wind, and the Staff of Lightning.

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