Evony Best Generals Tier List In 2023

This post provides the best Evony generals tier list In 2023 Including Evony mounted general, Evony ranged general, and Evony siege general tier list.

Generals in Evony play a crucial role, and you’ll find them involved in pretty much everything you do. As you play the game, you’ll come across various puzzle levels.

Your generals are the ones who help you do all the important stuff like building cities, training soldiers, and expanding your empire.


With their help, you can aim to become the king of seven kingdoms. In case you’re busy researching, building things, making stuff, or fighting, these generals are the ones you can always rely on. In this post, I will share with you only the best Evony generals, you will learn;

  • Best-mounted general Evony
  • Best ranged general Evony
  • Best siege general Evony

Let’s dive in.

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1. Best Mounted General Evony (S – Tier List)

When it comes to choosing the best general for your army in Evony, it’s essential to consider their abilities carefully. Mounted generals, in particular, have a set of skills that can greatly impact your gameplay.

In 2023, the following mounted generals have risen to the top of the tier list: Hannibal, Martinus, Gaius Octavius, Li Jing, Roland, Maximilian I, and El Cid.

2. Hannibal

Hannibal is known as a brilliant strategist, and his reputation backs that up. He can execute tactics In both offensive and defensive conditions


In case you’re launching a siege or defending your city, his presence on the battleground can be a game-changer. His leadership boosts the morale and combat effectiveness of your troops.

3. Martinus

Martinus stands out for his exceptional tactical sense, and his ability to inspire troops is second to none. When you need a commander who can rally your forces and lead them to victory, Martinus is the go-to choice. His proficiency in managing troops ensures that they perform at their peak in every engagement.

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4. Gaius Octavius

Gaius Octavius is renowned for his combat skills, especially when it comes to mounted troops. His strategic brilliance shows in the heat of battle. Under his command, cavalry units became a force to be reckoned with.

5. Li Jing

Li Jing’s expertise lies in boosting your city’s development and resource management. His economic skills are invaluable for maintaining a thriving empire. With Li Jing at the helm, resource production and management become trim, allowing your cities to grow.

6. Roland

Roland’s a well-rounded choice and his tactical powers can change the outcome of the battle.


7. Maximilian I

Maximilian I is the ultimate choice for those seeking to fortify their cities and protect their resources. His defensive capabilities are unpaired, making him an ideal pick for players focused on safeguarding their territories. With Maximilian I in charge, your cities become formidable defenses that prevent even the most determined attackers.

8. El Cid

El Cid’s combat skills are really good, and when you need a general who can lead your forces to victory through sheer force, El Cid should be on your top list. These mounted generals are the best because their unique abilities can give you a substantial advantage in Evony.

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Best Ranged General Evony (S – Tier List)

9. Simeon The Great

Simeon the Great’s tactical brilliance made him a tough ranged general. His ability to coordinate long-range attacks is fantastic. He also inspires your archers and siege engines to perform at their absolute best.

10. Alfred The Great

Alfred the Great’s expertise in ranged warfare makes him an excellent choice for any player. With him, your ranged units become unbreakable.

11. Elektra

Elektra is known for her exceptional agility, and her ability in hit-and-run tactics is outstanding.


12. Gwanggaeto The Great

Gwanggaeto the Great is an ideal choice for players who rely on ranged units for their offensive and defensive strategies.

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Best Siege General Evony (S – Tier List)

In Evony, when you need to break through enemy defenses and conquer their fortifications, having the best siege general can be the cutting edge.


However, three generals have emerged as the go-to choices for dominating siege warfare: Ramesses II, Matthias I, and Ulysses S. Grant.

13. Ramesses II

Ramesses II is a siege expert, known for his skill in orchestrating siege assaults. When it’s time to lay siege to an enemy stronghold or defend your own, Ramesses II displays his brilliance.

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14. Matthias I

Matthias I deep knowledge of siege strategies makes him the perfect choice for those aiming to be outstanding in breaching enemy walls.

He makes your siege weapons effective, reducing enemy fortifications to rubble. Also, his foresight ensures your forces are always prepared for siege warfare.

15. Ulysses S. Grant

Ulysses S. Grant is another great choice for breaking enemy defenses. You can trust that your siege engines and troops will produce devastating blows to the enemy defensive wall.


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