Evertale Tier List 2023

This post provides a list of the best characters ( S-Tier list ) In Evertale. In Evertale, you collect different kinds of creatures.

However, some creatures are strong, and some aren’t as strong. And, to win the game, you need to make a team of these creatures. Then, you use your team to go on adventures and fight other players.

​That’s why you should always consider using the best characters In the game. With their abilities, these characters will greatly improve your adventures.


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Best Characters In Evertale

  • Anya – The Lost Von Draclow
  • Callen – Daughter of the Dragon
  • Endless Rizette – Angel of Ruin
  • Fornaxos – Flame Incarnate
  • Jeanne d’Arc – Maiden of Radiance
  • Rolotia – Sorceress of Dawn
  • Shanna – Red Riding Hood, Dragon Slayer

Let’s learn about these characters.

Anya – The Lost Von Draclow

Anya is a character you don’t want to underestimate in Evertale. She’s Astrid’s little sister, and despite being forgotten in the Requiem World, she’s got some amazing powers now.


One of her special abilities is the Auto Barrier. She can shield her friends from harm automatically, which is super convenient when you’re in a tough fight.

Also, Anya’s Guardian Mode skill not only keeps her safe but also defends her allies for a short time. And when she’s ready to strike back, her Retribution Drain attack packs a punch.

When Anya’s fired up, her Dual-target Savage Force attack can clear out many enemies in one go.


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Callen – Daughter of the Dragon

Callen is a spellcaster with fire magic. She’s like the ultimate cheerleader for your Fire allies on your team. Callen’s got this awesome ability called Quicken Fire, which makes all your Fire allies faster and more powerful.

Also, she can heal with her Purify Heal skill. Callen’s handling of tough situations is exceptional. Her Crisis Power passive helps her deal with SP (skill points) troubles so that she can keep on fighting.


And when things get really bad, her Crisis Blast attack hits two enemies at once. She has Dual-target Survivor’s Fury and Survivor’s Armor, making her a real pain for opponents. Callen is one of the best choices in Evertale.

Endless Rizette – Angel of Ruin

Endless Rizette is a character in Evertale who’s all about poison. She comes from another world called Erden, and she’s good at bringing the hurt with her toxic abilities.

One of the things that makes Rizette one of the best characters is her Poison Drain skill, which costs 100 TU (Turn Units). She drains the life out of her enemies with poison, and it’s effective if you’re building a team around poison attacks.


Plus, she’s got this Guard Destroyer move that breaks through enemy defenses. Rizette has this unique ability called Poison Skin, she’s kind of resistant to poison herself.

That’s a trait to have when you’re dealing with toxins all the time. However, her Poison Random skill doesn’t cost much, so you can use it often.

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Fornaxos – Flame Incarnate

Fornaxos is like the boss of all fire dragons in Evertale. One of his incredible moves is the Charge Flare, which can pretty much destroy Earth units in a shot.

Fornaxos has this Crisis Armor that makes him sturdy when he’s in trouble. Plus, his Crisis Focus skill helps him stay focused and deal more damage when things get tricky. Also, Fornaxos can give a real boost to a nearly defeated ally with his Tribute Flare.

Jeanne d’Arc – Maiden of Radiance

Jeanne d’Arc is the ultimate protector in Evertale. Her best ability is Survivor’s Fury, which kind of cleans up the battlefield. She’s a one-woman army against the bad guys.


Her associate, Guardian Angel Michelle is quick on her feet and can perform rescue missions and disrupt enemy strategies.

They both have this amazing Twin Regeneration power as they heal up over time without any effort. Jeanne’s Holy Protection is a shield that defends her and Michelle from armor damage and poison attacks. They’re like an incredible pair that can withstand a lot of punishment.

Rolotia – Sorceress of Dawn

Rolotia is the character who can control time in Evertale. She is always messing with the clock to give your team the advantages. However, I found her move, the Double Stun Entry interesting, which can throw a wrench into the enemy’s plans.


And her Chrono Stun skill can stun foes again. At the start of a battle, she can give all your frontline allies a Quickened Dawn status. Rolotia’s Step Back skill lets her trigger the Double Stun Entry one more time, all while swapping with an ally.

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Shanna – Red Riding Hood, Dragon Slayer

Shanna, also known as Red Riding Hood, is a force to be reckoned with in Evertale. She sets her enemies on fire, which also helps out her Burn allies. However, Shanna doesn’t mind taking a hit.


She’s got this Desperate Armor that’s a tough shield, reducing the damage she takes. And with her Burning Heart, she can crank up her survivability more. When it comes to fighting evil, Shanna doesn’t hold back.

Her Desperate Impact and Savage Drain skills are her way of consuming the bad guys’ strength and health.

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