Essential Tips For Beginners In Legends of Slime (A Complete Guide)

If you’re just starting in Legends of Slime, this post provides you with important tips to make your gaming adventure exciting. Legend of Slime is a mix of action and role-playing games, a game where you can explore and fight, with fantastic features like arenas and an online idle RPG mode.

The game has got a lot of items, weapons, and slimes that come in different levels. However, if you want to be a pro, consider these tips. Let’s dive In.

1. Maximizing Loot In Legends of Slime

In Legends of Slime, the shop is your treasure chest that holds weapons, armor, and companions. When you decide to pull from this virtual shopping spree, don’t go for just one item.

Grab a lot at once, because the more you get them, the better your chances of catching some powerful gears. Instead of picking items one by one like you’re shopping for groceries, go for the big haul.

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Pick a handful of weapons, armor pieces, and companions all at once. Once you’ve got your loot, don’t just stare at it, equip them. Your new weapons and armor are what make you tougher.

And those companions are your virtual mates who are ready to join you in the slime-slaying adventures. In addition, there’s a secret weapon in Legends of Slime which is called enhancement. You can make your weapon more powerful. So, take a moment to boost those weapons, armor, and companions.

Pro Tip: when you’re in the enhancement zone, don’t be shy. Upgrade everything all at once. The stronger they are, the better your adventure through slime territory.


2. Level Up In Legends Of Slime

Leveling up your smile is necessary In the game. You can take your slime to 1,000 levels and beyond, but you do not need to rush. To start, there’s a priority list for upgrading that ensures consistent growth for your slime.

First, focus on strengthening your attack. A strong offense is important in slime battles. Then, prioritize HP recovery to keep your slime in top shape, followed by increasing overall HP for durability.

Attack speed matters, so upgrade it to become the flash of slime battles. Enhance your critical hit damage and a chance for those satisfying blows that make slimes tremble. Boost the triple and double shot skills for maximum slime-blasting action.


As you progress, don’t forget your skills, equip the best ones to complement your upgraded slime. And when you unlock relics, masteries, and traits, consider them real gems. But as a beginner, stick to the priority list.

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3. Claim Bonuses

Claiming bonuses all around the game is essential, and there are a few treasure hunts to discover where you can get these goodies. There’s the Daily Pass. It’s your daily allowance of treats in the game. Don’t forget to claim it regularly.


It’s the little boost you need every day to keep you strong. Missions are another goldmine for bonuses. Complete tasks, big or small, and watch the rewards roll in. Check your mailbox regularly, you’ll find surprise rewards waiting for you.

Mining is not just about digging up resources, it’s also about striking bonus gold. Have you tried your luck with Roulette? if luck is on your side, you’ll be swimming in rewards. Give it a wheel and see what goodies it has in store for you.

Even when you’re idle, Legends of Slime has your back. Idle Rewards are a pat on the back for taking a break. Your efforts don’t go unnoticed, and the game rewards you for simply being part of the game. You can also watch a few short ads to unlock more bonuses.


4. Level Up Faster With Smart Play

If you’re aiming to level up and get stronger in the game, play In dungeons. Why should you bother with dungeons? If you are a beginner play In Dungeons for the sake of rewards. Playing in dungeons is like hitting the jackpot of game gems.

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These rewards will help you to grow faster in the game. Also, they’re like currency in the game. With the loot you catch from dungeons, you can go between your abilities and get yourself some killer weapons. When you’re in the dungeon, play with purpose.


Don’t just aimlessly wander around like a lost slime. Know what you’re after, whether it’s a specific reward or leveling up your skills. And the more you delve into dungeons, the better the rewards become.

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