Escape The Backrooms Elevator Codes

Escape The Backrooms Elevator Codes are Important number codes needed to operate the backroom elevator for a safe exit. Without these codes, navigating the backrooms becomes challenging as you won’t be able to use the elevator to escape.

However, having the right code ensures the elevator responds to your command, enabling a successful escape. And without the correct code, you will be stuck, unable to activate the elevator and exit the backrooms.

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Escape The Backrooms Elevator Codes

Backroom Elevator Code 1

Navigating the backrooms can be confusing, but here’s an easy guide to escape using the Backroom Elevator Code 1. Look at the numbers on the walls as you move forward: 0-4, 4-1, 6-2, 9-3.

Follow these sequences, and you’ll reach the elevator. It’s a simple pattern to guide you through. Once you’ve followed these steps, you’ll find yourself facing the elevator.

However, the code to escape is 4690. Remember it, type it in, and you’re on your way out. Just stick to the numbers on the walls, and when you hit 4690, you’re done.


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Backroom Elevator Code 2

To unlock the elevator on the ground floor of the backrooms, head to the parking room. Notice the color pattern in the Red Room, focus on the cars colored red, blue, red, and blue.

Memorize this sequence. Return to the elevator and input the corresponding numbers based on the colors you saw. For example, if you see a red car, type in the number associated with red.


Repeat for the blue cars. Keep the order in mind (red, blue, red, blue) as you enter the numbers. Once done, hit enter. The elevator will respond by unlocking, allowing you to proceed. It’s a simple but crucial step to guide the backrooms.

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