Elden Ring Rulers Mask (Guide)

IElden Ring, Ruler’s Mask helm is a protective headgear worn by a character. Ruler’s Mask is a lightweight head armor that increases faith. It is a part of the Ruler’s Set in Elden Ring. Ruler’s Mask does a couple of things such as applying various defensive properties to protect the head of the player.

When it is equipped, it also changes its appearance inclusive. Some pieces of armor are available for both male and female characters, though there may be slight differences.

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Where To Find Ruler’s Mask

elden ring rulers mask location

You can locate the Ruler’s Mask Helm on a corpse laying face-down on a carriage stacked northeast of the abandoned coffin Site of Grace in the west of Altus Plateau. It is found alongside the ruler’s robe.


Ruler’s Mask Set In Elden Ring 

Ruler’s Mask is a piece of the armor of the Ruler’s Set.

The remaining piece of the Ruler’s set is composed of the Ruler’s Robe.

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Elden Ring Ruler’s Mask Notes & Tips

  • Sell Value:  500 Runes.
  • Increases Faith by +1.
  • Poise Updated to patch 1.07.

Final Thoughts 

With the information provided above, you can locate the Ruler’s Mask hem in Elden Ring.

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