Elden Ring Preceptor’s Set (Location And How To Get It)

There are many armor sets in Elden Ring which has unique features. But some are very unique and different from others. Such as the Snow Witch’s armor. There are others too that are very powerful but not widely known.

Here, the Preceptor’s armor set is a good example of this. You can acquire this armor in Elden Ring. But you must have participated in specific questlines.

The questline that has the Preceptor armor set is the Ranni the Witch quest. She usually appears in different spots around the map. And she can be found at her base which is the Ranni and Renna’s Rise at Three Sisters in northwest Liurnia.

The location has different towers (three) which must be entered to finish Ranni’s questline. So, if you need to obtain this armor, you must complete Ranni’s quest line. But, how can you complete them?

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That’s why we have curated steps and guides to help you through.

Getting the Preceptor’s armor set in Elden Ring

Most players find it very difficult to complete all the Ranni’s questline. You will need to defeat Starscourge Radahn and visit the eternal cities, Nokron and Nokstella. And destroy many bosses.

However, the first quest you should be completing is to complete the eternal cities. Followed by Carian Study Hall, and going to Ranni to return the Drak Moon Ring.

The location of Three Sisters in Elden Ring

When you return with the ring and give it to Ranni, you have completed the quest. You will now travel to Ranni’s Rise where you will face the Blaidd and defeating the monster gives you his armor set.

So, since your quest is to get the Perceptor’s armor set. Follow the lead to the southeast to find the Seluvi’s rise. The tower is always blocked off but will be open once you complete Ranni’s quest line.

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Once you have gotten inside there, you will find Seluvi’s corpse there. And an item lying on him. So, loot his corpse to obtain the Bell Bearing and the Preceptor’s armor set. Once looted, go outside to loot the Black Wolf Mask for more rewards.

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