Elden Ring Focus: What It Does

What does Focus do in Elden Ring?

We’re going to find out what Focus does in Elden Ring. From the basic idea, Focus is a defensive feature that supports your resistance to Sleep and Madness.

To have a great gaming experience in Elden Ring, you must master the Focus feature. When you master extensively when to attack and when to defend will define how long you survive in the game. And that’s the reason knowing how to use the Focus feature is of great value to all gamers in Elden Ring.

There are many attributes and statistics in Elden Ring that defines if you can remain strong or become weak in the game. These attributes need proper utilization for the survival of the character. For the purpose of the Focus feature in this article, we will look at how it works, its effects, and how you can expand its usage.


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The Use Of Focus In Elden Ring

Focus in Elden Ring is a defensive feature that helps your character maintain robust and great resistance to sleep and insanity attacks. There are many bosses in Elden Ring that you will face, and mastering the Focus attribute determines if you will survive or not. Some of these bosses will lull you to sleep and drive you insane.

Your Focus is what will help your character to resist such simulation attacks. And as your Focus increases, likewise, your resistance to these attacks will increase.


There are a few enemies who deal sleep and insanity damage in Elden Ring. Understanding when to defend against these foes during attacks is very crucial to your characters survivability. Focus is the main defensive attribute when fighting bosses that lull you to sleep or insanity.

What Does Increased Focus Do In Elden Ring?

If you have been concerned about what Focus does in Elden Ring; Focus increases your resistance to two status effects. These effects are Sleep and Insanity. Some bosses inflict Sleep damage on your character, while the majority inflicts Madness. The Madness spreads widely when the Frenzied Flame is much.

Although, Sleep attack is uncommon in the game they can be used in PVP to reduce foes offensiveness. Suppose you have ranked your Focus effects high; Sleep attacks will have little or no effect on your character.

How is Focus Increased?

The Focus attributes will increase with your character’s leveling up. It will also increase with each EXP you gain playing the game. The Focus attribute works in line with Mind quality, when you level up the Mind attribute, it will increase your Focus effect.


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Other items you can use to boost the Focus attribute in the game are:

  • Clarifying Horn Charm talisman
  • Spiralhorn Shield
  • Mottled Necklace talisman
  • Mushroom Legs
  • Rift Shield
  • Shield of the Guilty
  • Mushroom Arms gauntlets
  • Greathood headpiece
  • Gold Waistwrap
  • Cohryn’s Robe chest piece
  • Fire Prelate Greaves
  • Fire Prelate Gauntlets
  • Astrologer’s Trouser

Elden Ring: Is it worthwhile to upgrade your Focus?

There is more to gain when you increase the Focus attribute by leveling up the Mind stats. You don’t have to level up the Focus attribute to the fullest as fully upgraded Focus stats are of no use. It is because many enemies will either be struck by Sleep or Insanity attacks.


Upgrading armor can increase the Focus stats and will be effective during a boss fight. So, its better to level up items that will enhance the Focus attribute than leveling up Focus directly.

During an insanity attack, not all foes can retaliate or fall asleep. Insanity has its unique functions. For instance, when you invoke the Elden Ring, you will likely go insane. But you can manage Elden Ring invocations when you have high Focus stats.

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Just like every other effect in the game, Focus is such an indispensable effect to wield. It gives you complete control of the game and other stats. Due to some boss fights, you must enhance your Focus attribute.

You can specialize in leveling up items that will increase your resistance to insanity, sleepiness, and madness. It is the best way to boost your stats to fight against strong bosses. Also, you can invest more points to enhance your play style.

What does Focus stat do in the Elden Ring?

The Focus will help you resist enemy attacks of Sleep and Madness. You can enhance your Vigor, Endurance, and Strength when starting newly in Elden Ring. These effects will give your character the strength to push on rapidly without much hindrance in the game.



Its important to level up the Vigor effect when starting newly in Elden Ring. When you level up the Vitality effect, it increases your health in the game. With more health, you can go further in the game before you will be defeated. Also, increased Vitality will increase your resistance to poison and fire.


When leveling up the Vitality effects, its important to level up the Endurance effect also. Endurance determines your stamina in the game and how you can react during combat. With the increased Endurance effect, you can carry more load, sprint, roll, and swing your weapon with ease during battle.

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With such mobility, you can smash a lot of enemies and may come out victorious in many waves of combat. With high Endurance level, you can wield heavier weapons like the Bull Goat set.


The last attribute to increase is the Strength attribute. With Strength, your physical defense and physical combats like blows will increase. You can even perform exceedingly with a pair of swords to slash enemies. With increased Strength stats, you can wield heavier weapons like the Greatsword and hammer.

Other effects that the Strength attribute supports are Mind (this increases the magic meter)


Dexterity: It (makes it easier to use curved swords and katanas), and Intelligence (can be used to cast different spells.)

These effects are very important in Elden Ring, though, “The V.E.S. Method (Vitality, Endurance, and Strength)should be leveled up when you start new with Elden Ring. These three items will give you an early advantage in the game and will shape your gameplay extensively.

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We hope this article satisfies your quest and is very comprehensive to all you need to know about Elden Ring Focus attribute. Elden Ring is a great game with a lot of bosses and many effects to help you scale through. The Focus attribute is one of such great attributes to help you resist Sleep and Insanity.

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