Egoist Script (Working)

The Egoist Roblox game was developed in line with the most-played anime and manga series Blue Lock. Egoist is amongst the most played and fastest soccer game on Roblox.

The game’s control is quite very understanding and easy to learn. It also has an array of skills to earn and try in the game. These skills are what make the game very addicting that many have found it difficult to dispose of the game.

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In the game, it is a soccer match between two rival teams tasked with netting the balls into your opponent’s net. The game was developed by User_Tom in 2022 on the platform. So far, the game records about 3,000 steady gamers and has seen more than 8 million visits.

Let’s say you have been beaten black and blue by your opponents because they’re using a cheat. For being here today, you will have access to the script that will turn your gameplay into fantastic leisure.

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Egoist Script

Script 1 – Aimbot, High Kick, And Auto Dribble

Script 2 – GUI

How To Execute Script

  • Download a Roblox executor
  • Launch the executor and go on to launch Egoist on Roblox.
  • Copy and paste the script into the executor.
  • With the execute button, activate the cheats.
  • Have a nice gameplay.

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