Echocalypse Tier List (A Complete Guide)

This post provides the Echocalypse Tier List for 2023, revealing the top-performing units that can help you conquer the game’s challenges. Echocalypse is an exciting game set in a futuristic world after a big disaster.

And building the best team can be a bit tricky with so many cool characters to choose from. In this game, you play as an Awakener, and your mission is to guide a group called the Kemono Girl Cases, who represent the last hope for humanity.

Together, you’ll embark on exciting adventures. And to succeed in Echocalypse, you’ll need to collect a unique resource like Mana from various groups within the game. This Mana helps you build your strength and unlock new abilities.


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One important goal is to free your little sister, who is trapped by a powerful seal. Along the way, you’ll also uncover the secrets of this post-apocalyptic world and work towards restoring order. However, I will share with you the Echocalypse Tier List which includes the hero’s name, and their performances. Let’s learn.

Echocalypse Tier List – A Characters

Here are the top heroes you should consider for your team in 2023:


1. Set

Set is a versatile hero originally classified as a tank but she’s also brilliant in support. She absorbs damage for her allies and provides crucial protection, ensuring your team’s survival.

2. Vivi

Vivi is a cripple with excellent team-buffing capabilities. Her skills include silent immunity and increasing rage for allies, making her an excellent investment for your team’s success.

3. Regina

A formidable damage dealer, especially for Burn teams. She applies a burning effect to her enemies and offers dodge and pierce buffs to her allies.


4. Zawa

Zawa is a damage dealer with potent debuff skills. She debuffs up to four enemies, making her an excellent choice for damage-focused strategies.

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5. Yulia

I consider Yulia a hybrid tank-debuffer hero. She’s really good at keeping enemies quiet, especially when she’s standing in the middle of the fight.


6. Shiyu

She is one of that heroes with potent burning compositions. Shiyu applies burning effects to enemies and can revive fallen allies, making her a formidable presence on the battlefield.

7. Nephtys

Nephtys is an AOE healer with burning effects, and she heals all allies and inflicts a burning effect on four enemies.

8. Niz

Niz is also a damage dealer with freezing abilities. She can freeze four enemies simultaneously, a valuable asset in PVP matches.


9. MC

Mic is a top-tier free-to-play hero, offering debuff immunity and situational chances, making enemy attacks less effective.

10. Deena

Here’s another top-tier healer. She can heal allies below 50.28% HP and remove debuffs. For me, that makes her essential for sustaining your team. These heroes bring unique skills and strengths to your Echocalypse team.

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Echocalypse Tier List – B Characters

In a quest to conquer Echocalypse, we can’t forget the B-Tier heroes, they have got these special abilities that can turn the tide of battle.

1. Kiki

Kiki packs serious damage and a defense debuff that can swing battles in your favor.

2. Wadjet

As a survival expert, Wadjet applies an armor break to enemies, reducing their damage and defense. You can count on her to keep your team in the fight for long.


3. Tawaret

If you’re all about cleaning the house, Tawaret is your hero. You can deal considerable damage and control the battlefield with her defense-shredding abilities.

4. Gryph

Gryph is a great addition to burn teams, bringing potent debuffs. When the heat is on, Gryph delivers.

5. Beam

Beam, a formidable damage dealer, can unleash devastating attacks even at low health. Though she’s not a constant damage threat, when her moment comes, she impresses.


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6. Mori

Mori is a single-target damage dealer with immense potential. You can equip Mori with the right gear to make her a powerhouse, especially in Host purification.

7. Raeon

Raeon impresses at dealing with damage and dodging attacks during two damage instances. She is an all-around asset to your team.


8. Garula

Garula is a top CC (Crowd Control) unit, capable of stunning three enemies and reducing their healing. You can’t afford to underestimate her impact in battles. That said, these B-Tier heroes offer special advantages and they can be powerful assets in your Echocalypse adventure.

Echocalypse Tier List – C Characters

In Echocalypse, every hero has a role to play, and even our C-Tier heroes have exceptional strengths to offer.

1. Nanook

Nanook is a supportive hero who impresses in shielding front-line fighters. Her AOE targeting physical damage makes her a challenging opponent for enemy frontlines, and with a damage reduction ability lasting two rounds, she’s built for survivability.


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2. Snezhana

Ideal for the early game, Snezhana flows with her AOE target damage, which she unleashes upon enemies with the highest attack. She’s a valuable addition to your team’s offensive capabilities.

While C-Tier heroes might not have the most striking abilities, they still have their unique strengths and can complement your team’s overall strategy.


Echocalypse Tier List – D Characters

  1. Valiant
  2. Sui
  3. Shelly
  4. Sasha
  5. Raven
  6. Qurina
  7. Pierrot
  8. Niko
  9. Luciferin
  10. Luca- Rarity
  11. Koyama Dosen- Rarity
  12. Anina- Rarity

Echocalypse Tier List – S Characters

These heroes are the ones you want on your team when the game’s fate hangs in the balance. Here’s a glimpse of their outstanding performances:

1. Firentia

Firentia is a powerhouse when it comes to dealing with damage. Her abilities can unleash massive damage, making her a key player in any battle. Additionally, she is brilliant at supporting other heroes in the burn team, making her an excellent choice for synergy.

2. Fenriru

If you’re looking for devastating area-of-effect (AOE) damage, Fenriru is your go-to hero. She’s a free character, accessible to all players. Her skills in dealing with damage make her one of the top-tier DPS heroes in the game.


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3. Aiken

Aiken is an up-and-coming hero in the Echocalypse tier list, and she’s poised to become one of the top DPS units. With her incredible critical damage and additional damage against enemies, she’s a force to be reckoned with, especially on burn-focused teams.

4. Horus

Horus is an actual damage dealer, capable of delivering devastating blows to her enemies. Her ability to double her damage when paired with an armor break on the enemy sets her apart. She not only raises the stakes but also raises your team’s chances of victory.


These S-Tier heroes are the stuff of legends, and having them in your team can mean the difference between victory and defeat.


So, Buddies, with the Echocalypse Tier List for 2023, you now have the top-performing units that can help you conquer the game’s challenges.

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