Dwarf Fortress Skills You Should Know

Dwarfs from time immemorial have been great craftsmen. They can as well be great cheese makers. If you haven’t played Dwarf Fortress before, it’s a game that you need to try out.

The Dwarfs can learn a variety of skills and master their usage. You can train Dwarfs on skills like Miners, keyboard playing, and all the rest you need in the game.

Before you kick off each run, you can assign different skills to the first seven starting dwarves. You have to allocate up to 10 points only to any dwarf. You have to be very creative when allocating these points to create. Being creative here makes your dwarves’ skill points more resourceful.


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The dwarves that you assign more points will as well perform higher than those with lower points. With that said, you should ensure to assign these points to the most skill you will need to win the battles ahead.

Note: You can’t assign more than five points to a single skill when at the embark screen. That means each dwarf has to be specialized in their skills, maybe, two skills when starting a new game. You can also mix and match skills or also to make each dwarf have different skills from another.


7. Grower

grower - dwarf fortress skills

You need growers to sustain your dwarf fortress. With growers, there will be enough food for your dwarfdom. Therefore, you need to start growing different crops which are the main sources of providing food.

With that said, you need to have growers as your first skill set to provide food for the fortress. Once this is set, you can start assigning skills to other dwarves in the fortress. When you assign grower skills first, it improves the speed of food production for the fortress especially, the brewing and cooking aspect.


With one dwarf skilled as a grower, it will perform exponentially more than the unskilled dwarves. Since food is very essential to grow your dwarfdom, it’s imperative that your first seven starting skills, that fall into growers.

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6. Miner

miner - dwarf fortress skills


Mining is another important skill that you will need to survive the Dwarf Fortress. They’re important just as growers are important in the first starting seven.

Dwarves have their abode on mountains, therefore, they’re good miners. Not only that, but for you to make the fortress of your choice, it is through miners. that’s why you need to assign skills to the miners immediately after you’re starting each game.

By doing so, they will develop your fortress quickly to shelter other dwarves. As you start your game, your dwarves won’t have any shelter and with miners, you can achieve that.


You may assign mining skills to two of the seven starting dwarves to make the work faster for you. Before you will have a good abode, they must have worked much on the cold stone.

5. Mason

mason - dwarf fortress skills

You also need to have mason as part of your starting seven when assigning skill points. These dwarves will ensure to make furniture for other dwarfs and home beautification. They will make fantastic furniture from stones and different structures. No matter how the game gets, masons will always have a supply of rocks to craft their furniture.


Most buildings can only be made by a mason. Such buildings include depots, bridges, wells, furnaces, and other mason works. With all these levels of work, it’s necessary to start them as your starting seven skilled dwarves.

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4. Cook

cook - dwarf fortress skills


I haven’t seen any character that doesn’t require food to grow. That calls to have cooks as part of the starting seven dwarfs to be skilled.

The cooks will make delicious meals for other dwarves to make them healthy, strong, and happy. With the vegetables and crops they get from growers; they make food for the entire dwarfdom. It’s also important to note when your dwarfs prepare meals, they last longer than when they are fed raw meals.

Also, the cooks are known to turn animal fat into tallows that can be used for other purposes. Tallow is very important when making soap. This helps your dwarves have soap to bath.


3. Mechanic

mechanic - dwarf fortress skills

Even as the game has been growing from known milder skill points up, you will need a mechanic to sustain your fortress. Mechanics are those who fix your fortress whenever you’re attacked.

Therefore, they are necessary to start with when starting a new game. Your mechanics will create traps that can destroy invaders and stop them from advancing. Also, mechanics build dangerous and complex objects like plates, levers, and floodgates.


When you have set up enough traps on your fortress, it will surely deter enemies from attacking your dwarfdom.

No matter your starting skills, missing mechanics as your starting seven will affect your enclave during battle.

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2. Carpenter

Do you know you need beds for your dwarves to lay in after a long day of work? Your assigned carpenters will handle the project of making beds and other important wooden structures in the fortress.

With their skill, they make a civilized life for your dwarfdom. Beds’ importance can’t be over-emphasized just as they’re important to us in real life. Beds are carved out of wood by carpenters.

With carpenters, you will have such items as beds, barrels, bins, and other wooden materials. Beds are critical to have a good dwarf fortress without a riot.


1. Wood Cutter

Lastly, the dwarf fortress skill you need to start with is the woodcutter skill. We have been discussing so far the seven starting skills you need in the dwarf fortress.

Wood is very easy to get and they’re the first resources that will be needed in the game. Woods’ importance in the fortress growth is as important as you may think. Therefore, it’s essential that you have some of your dwarves as skilled woodcutters. As you assign them more skill points, that’s how they will be faster in cutting down wood.

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With the woods your dwarves hacked down, you will have access to other resources like charcoal, ash, and machine components.

Know that charcoal is very important in this game as it serves as fuel. You will also need ash to make soaps and fertilizers, therefore, they’re very essential that you have a woodcutter.

Final Thoughts

So far, we have detailed the seven most important skills to start within your dwarf fortress. With the seven skill points discussed above, it will make it easier for you to level up and grow the dwarfdom.


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