Dragonheir Silent Gods Tier List

This post provides a comprehensive Dragonheir silent gods tier list. These Dragonair Silent Gods Tier List includes the best heroes you can explore while indulging yourself with Dragonair silent Gods.

Dragonheir: Silent Gods is an extraordinary video game that transports you into a beautiful world of adventure. Feel like you are stepping into an interesting storybook where you get to be the main character.

But this narrative is special because it’s not just a linear tale, it’s an open world full of surprises. In this game, you’ll encounter unexpected characters brought to life with detail.


You can even customize your character to look just the way you want them to. However, Dragonheir: Silent Gods is more about making strategic choices that shape the result of your gaming experience.

With over 200 heroes at your command, you’ll lead them through a multiversal adventure where every decision you make counts.

The battles in this game are heroic matches where your moves matter more than ever. Each decision you make could be the turning point between triumph and defeat.


That said, you’ve got over 200 heroes, and you wouldn’t want to work with every one of them but the best characters. And this Dragonheir silent gods tier list I’m about to share with you will enhance your decision when choosing the heroes you want to use In the game.

Let’s get started.

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Dragonheir Silent Gods Tier List – A Characters

In Dragonheir, there exists the Silent Gods, and among them, the A Characters are the monsters, each with their strengths and abilities. However, here are some of the remarkable A Characters from the 2023 Silent Gods Tier List:

1. Flora

Flora is the ideal of wildlife, with abilities that use the power of plants and creatures, and her strength lies in versatile healing and crowd control.


2. Questa

Questa’s different attacking skills and control over the battlefield make him a force to be reckoned with.

3. Grishnaar:

If brute strength is your preference, Grishnaar is your go-to. A hulking warrior with immense raw power, he shows his best in frontline combat.

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4. Eches

Eches specializes in illusion, she can confuse and confound enemies, turning the tide of battle in her favor.

5. Korth

Korth is a defensive powerhouse. His closed armor and protective abilities make him an excellent choice for guarding allies.

6. Frurbath

Frurbath’s fast attacks and evasive tricks make him a tough melee assassin.


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7. Quarion

Quarion is brilliant in long-range attacks, and his accuracy and critical strikes are second to none.

8. Sutha

Sutha commands the forces of fire and ice. Her spellcasting can adapt to any situation, from burning opponents to freezing them in their tracks.


9. Enna

Enna’s sneak attacks and tactics make her a deadly killer.

10. Nastjenka

Nastjenka is a master of the arcane arts, with a focus on destructive spells. Her raw magical power can decimate enemies in the blink of an eye.

However, each of these characters possesses an uncommon set of skills and abilities that can turn the tide of war in their favor.


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Dragonheir Silent Gods Tier List – B Characters

Also, not all Silent Gods are created equal, but that doesn’t mean the B-Tier Characters should be undervalued. These beings may not sit atop the pantheon like their A-Tier mates, but they possess unusual abilities that can turn the tide of battle in your favor.

1. Gaiolere

Gaiolere is a supportive character, known for providing healing and protection to the team. His ability to keep allies alive in the heat of battle is a valuable asset.


2. Fitz:

Fitz’s stealthy approach makes him a formidable choice for assassinations.

3. Huldork

Huldork impresses at soaking up damage and protecting allies, and his resilience on the front lines can create a formidable shield for your team.

4. Nedda

Nedda’s ability to hinder multiple foes simultaneously is a strategic advantage.


5. Meggan

Meggan is an agile fighter who specializes in melee combat. Her speedy attacks can dismantle opponents before they have a chance to react.

6. Dubok

Dubok uses the terrain to his advantage, and his control over the battlefield can disrupt enemy plans.

7. Tioh

Tioh is capable of releasing powerful spells from a distance, and his high damage output can quickly down enemy forces.


8. Fungal-Glow

Fungal-Glow utilizes nature’s gifts to aid allies and hinder enemies. His abilities provide both healing and control.

9. Wellby

Wellby is a hybrid character, skilled in both brawl and ranged combat. He has this adaptability that allows him to switch tactics as needed.

10. Corrin

Corrin also can disappear and reappear at will keeping enemies guessing. While these B-Tier Characters may not boast the same level of power as the A-Tier Silent Gods, they bring their skills and strategies to the battlefield.


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Dragonheir Silent Gods Tier List – C Characters

The C-Tier Characters may not be as impressive as A or B-Tier, but they offer valuable support.

1. Jijel

This Silent God provides moderate support abilities that can aid your character which can improve your overall performance in battles.


2. Hochadir

Hochadir brings a mix of offensive and defensive skills to the table. While not a standout, they can serve as a reliable addition to your team.

3. Lelwanis

Lelwanis is brilliant in crowd control and disrupting enemy strategies. Their abilities may not be spectacular, but they can certainly turn the tide in your favor.

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4. Yagnatz

Yagnatz is another balanced character with a mixture of offense and defense as they’ve got the versatility that can be an asset when adapting to different challenges.

5. Scarell

Scarell is a Silent God known for its resilience. Their ability to withstand damage can buy your team precious time in battles.

6. Lorentheel

Lorentheel can contribute to your team’s firepower.


7. Soveliss

Soveliss can be valuable in various combat tactics.

8. Clovis

Clovis’s role may not be that good, but they can keep your team in fighting shape.

9. Eurion

Eurion can create opportunities for your team with their offensive, and crowd control.


10. Huberg

Huberg can also weaken opponents and make battles more manageable. While these C-Tier Characters may not steal the spotlight, they can still play a valuable role in your adventure through Dragonair.

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Dragonheir Silent Gods Tier List – D Characters

These characters, unfortunately, do not offer much benefit to your adventures. If you happen to encounter any of these D-Tier Silent Gods, it’s often best to consider seeking out stronger allies to bolster your team.


Here’s a list of D-Tier characters:

  1. Loris
  2. Immeral
  3. Vidimir
  4. Awstin
  5. Gulal
  6. Jathalea
  7. Livia
  8. Thea
  9. Vojeh
  10. Pargu
  11. Sagomir
  12. Fihrah
  13. Isitarian
  14. Fihrah
  15. Talwer

These Silent Gods are not ideal choices for your adventure.

Dragonheir Silent Gods Tier List – S Characters

If you happen to use any of these formidable Silent gods, consider yourself fortunate. S-Tier Characters are the perfection of power, often described as overpowered due to their outstanding abilities.


1. Elecebre

Elecebre’s ability of fire, water, and earth magic grants them remarkable versatility in combat, making them a formidable presence on the battlefield.

2. Tamar

Tamar is agile with fast reflexes and accuracy, they deliver blows with ease.

3. Ergander

Ergander is an unstoppable force with the ability to withstand damage.


4. Auster

Auster uses the power of ice and frost to freeze their enemies in their tracks, and their control over the cold gives them an advantage in both offense and defense.

5. Hvitar

Hvitar can disappear and reappear at will making them an untouchable and deadly assassin.

6. Gillian

Gillian is a versatile character with a wide range of abilities. From powerful spells to physical prowess, they can adapt to any situation.


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7. Voresh

Voresh is a formidable ranged attacker, with outstanding accuracy and damage output. Their accuracy strikes make them a valuable asset in long-range combat.

8. Horrus

Horrus is capable of hindering multiple enemies, and their control over the battlefield can turn the tide of any encounter.


9. Acilia

Acilia is a supporting character with healing and protective abilities. Their presence can ensure the survival and success of your team even in the worst situations. However, these S-Tier Characters are the key to conquering the most formidable challenges the game has to offer.

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