Destiny 2 – How To Get Mindbender

Defeating the Trickster will have Mindbender as the next voracious enemy to annihilate. An enemy who could read someone’s mind and confuse his enemies. Ghosts can track and reveal the location of the Mindbender which is at a cave in the Tangled Shore’s vicinity.

Phase 1: Hunt the Mindbender

You are to set off by heading in the direction Ghost sighted the original signal which is closer to the cave nearby.

You’re going to encounter enormous enemies trying to hinder your progress, but you still need to utilize your slashing skills to move deeper into the cave in search of Hiraks.

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1. Scan the Mind-Control Device

After you have cleared out some enemies within the cave, you will see a nearby mind-control device that you should scan.

2. Repel the Hive

Immediately you scanned this device, there is going to be an attack from the Hive which seems to protect the device. You will need to clear out this Hive after which Ghost will get the coordinate that leads to a crashed tomb ship which is your next target.

3. Defeat Mindbent Ogre

The Mindbender Ogre isn’t as strong as the main Mindbender, don’t panic as you can easily defeat this enemy.

4. Disable the Amplifier

After defeating the Mindbender Ogri, there is an amplifier along the way that is marked which you will destroy. When you destroy this amplifier and look up, you will see damaged platforms and you will have to climb them through the hooks on the wall to reach the next amplifier, but you won’t destroy this.

5. Repel the Scorn

When you get to the amplifier, you will have to interact with it before Ghost will try to hack it. At this point, a Scorn will start to attack you and Ghost which you need to repel. You need to stay within the radius of the amplifier until Ghost is done hacking the amplifier.

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Phase 2: Hunt the Mindbender

After Ghost might have successfully hacked the amplifier and disabled it, the next signal that you and Ghost will receive is now direct from the Mindbender. On your pursuit of the minder through the signal, you will get deeper into the Hall of the Exalted, a Hive structure.

Defeating the Mindbender

If you scaled through this phase, your landing place now is the Mindbender, who is protected by his Acolytes in a wide room. Once you start fighting his warriors, Harika will escape into the Ascendant Plane and will therefore start appearing through portals looking so huge.

You should focus on eliminating its warriors, which when done, you can start hitting on the Mindbender itself to reduce its health to a critical state. His other men will also come out to protect their master, you should continue killing them while also targeting Mindbender till you rid life of him.

Immediately after you eliminate the Mindbender, you will get a prompt “to escape the ascendant realm”, but don’t be quick to escape here, look in the direction of the portal and look beyond it to the right, there will be a series of platforms moving behind it, here, you will need your Ghost to see them quickly.

  • Jump to the platform and keep on clinging to the ones going up till you find a key.
  • Pick the key and get down in front of the portal, then go through it.
  • After you must have passed through the portal, you will be in a hospitable room, go to the right to see a door.
  • Since you have the key, going to the door will enable you to unlock it. Use the button prompt that will pop up to open the door and you will see the Mindbender’s hidden chest there.
  • Open the hidden chest and get the “Having in Plain Sight” and the “Secret Treasure Emblem”. You made it!


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