Desert Zone Wars Codes

Are you looking for Desert Zone Wars codes to redeem and get some freebies? In this guide, we will share with you a lot of recently released Roblox Desert Zone Wars codes. The codes we have shared here also cover the classic OG map and other new things.

There are many modes you will enjoy while playing Fortnite. We have Gun Games, death runs, and many others. But Desert Zone Wars has shown to be the best out of all Fortnite games. It presents a whole lot of new experiences in battle games like the Battle Royale.

There is this miscreant map ‘endgame’ that every player comes across during a match. This problematic map always led to a small combat arena having few opponents to contend with. The ‘endgame’ problematic map also is more paced in action than the rest.


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The map is also affected as almost everything done here is done in the center of the desert. So, to get into Desert Zone Wars with standard gears and weapons. We have the codes below to redeem and get a good beginning of your game.

The original Fortnite Desert Zone Wars map code

Original Fortnite Desert Zone Wars code will always come first to most gamers. They will probably lay their hands on this before the rest. If you’re looking for the original Fortnite Desert Zone Wars, then you have to look into JotaPeGame’s Fortnite. Its Desert Zone Wars map code is 9700-3224-6429. Enter it to jump into its map.


In the original Fortnite Desert Zone Wars map. You can be up to 16 gamers fighting against each other in the small desert arena. There are also a few buildings and an approaching storm. You can use this arena as a starting point to practice endgame gun skills.

Fortnite Desert Zone Wars Chapter 2 map code

For the Fortnite Desert Zone Wars chapter 2 map code. This is an improvement of the original Desert Zone Wars original map. In this map, there are many varieties like bigger buildings and more desert foliage. There is also a river to splash around on this map. You can get started on this map with the code 1811-9621-1739.

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The new and decorative design given to this Chapter 2 Desert Zone Wars map makes it look so beautiful. What you will notice more is the different high levels associated with it. especially when you go through the playing field. You will receive vantage points and see places you can hide in the game.

Fortnite Sahara Desert Zone Wars Refresh map code

The last Fortnite Desert Zone Wars map code we have here is the Sahara Desert Zone Wars Refresh map code. The Sahara Desert Zone Wars Refresh map was developed by MuzNeo.

He described the Desert Zone Wars as “on steroids and the Vikings took over half the map”. With its map code below, you can jump into action with this map. Sahara Desert Zone Wars code is 1434-8021-7042.


While playing on this map, you can easily earn more XP to upgrade your Battle Pass. So, there are many reasons you can try out this map with grounded weapons to earn bigger points.

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