Deepwoken Verse 2 Best Race

In the brutal Roblox role-playing game Deepwoken, you must explore the ocean’s depths while fending off legions of enemies hidden beneath the surface. You will continually die, earn more power, and acquire additional races.

Roblox is a constantly developing online gaming platform that offers authentic and imaginative gameplay. Out of all the games, Deepwoken is an open-world role-playing game that has impressive graphics, engaging gameplay, and a large area to explore.

The many races Deepwoken offers its players to select from, each with unique abilities, mythologies, and aesthetics, is one of its primary draws.

Your choice of race will significantly impact your gaming experience. This post will examine Deepwoken Verse 2 Best Race’ base stats, talents, and boosts. Read in to find out more!

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Deepwoken Verse 2 Race Tier List

Deepwoken Verse 2 Race teir list are as follows:

Tier S

  • Adret

Tier A

  • Khan
  • Vesperia

Tier B

  • Capra
  • Celtor
  • Felinor
  • Ganymede

Tier C

  • Gremor
  • Canor

Tier D


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The Roblox Deepwoken Verse 2 Best Race

The Roblox Deepwoken’s traces are

1. Adret

Adrets are exceptionally bright and able to learn; the likelihood of rolling one is about 16.3%. They may pick up new talents rapidly and start the game with a more substantial reputation because of their autodidact talent.

They are skilled at forming alliances and making their mark in the Deepwoken community because of their charming personality.


Because of their autodidact skill, adversists and invaluable team members are the best choice in every circumstance.

2. The Vesperian

Because Vesperians are tough by nature, you can roll this race at a rate of about 6.2%. They can resist strong attacks since they have an extra +2 on their base stats of Willpower, Fortitude, and Health.

Their position as strong tanks in every Roblox Deepwoken squad is further cemented by the additional armor protection provided by their Chitin talent.


If you seek an offensive race to attack and deflect attacks from another squad member, Vesperians are a great choice.

3. Khan

In Roblox Deepwoken, Khans are the pinnacle of adaptation. You can roll an 8.2% chance to be a Khan. Their Agility and Strength stats have been increased by two points, making them powerful fighters.

They have the upper hand in every battle and incredible adaptability due to their capacity to wield potent weapons regardless of the stat points they have been allotted.


The Khans are a fantastic choice because they provide necessary boosts and skills and occupy the difficult middle ground between the offensive and healer races. \

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4. Capra

The Capras exude a serene aura that frequently serves to maintain the composure of their colleagues. Capras are scarce and valuable team members because they only roll about 2% of the time.


They are the wise guy on every team, limited only by their skills and fighting potential. They have an extra +2 on their Intelligence and +2 on their Willpower stats.

In addition to gaining more HP from every food item they eat, Capros also speed up other teammates’ rest periods when they use the campfire.

5. Celtor

Colors are strongly associated with the sea; you can roll 16.3% for this specific race. Along with having better health, they receive a discount on all ships.


In addition, the Celtors receive a +2 on the Intelligence and Charisma stats, making them extremely dangerous opponents.

Because of its elementary rolling mechanics and easily understood skills, the Celtor race is an excellent choice for novice players. It makes a vital addition to the team. Its powers are the only reason it is held back.

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Final Words

Each race in Roblox Deepwoken has distinct traits and skills; thus, picking the perfect race for your playstyle will significantly enhance your time in the captivating virtual environment.

The game has something to offer everyone, regardless of whether you prefer the diversified warfare style of Khans or the high seas with Celtors.

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