Deepwoken Oath Tier List

Arcwarder: Among the best pledges in the entire game. It’s excellent for all things. The only drawback is that you can only use the abilities after first completing the challenging L1 of the depths. It also has travel, defense, offensive, and AOE.

While Deepwoken oaths are not difficult to understand, obtaining them is a challenge. Although we cannot play this Roblox game for you, we can help you find the necessary resources and ensure this exceptional experience is manageable. Read on to find out!

About The Deepwoken Oath

A talent card called a “Deepwoken oath” is designed to fit a specific playstyle. Yet, it functions very differently from other Deepwoken talents.

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From a lore perspective, they represent a potential life path for the character, and the community holds excellent regard for those who choose to follow a particular pledge. Although lore is entertaining, oaths technically do not need any of this.


Instead, oaths provide additional talent cards, stat modifiers, and multiple routes to acquire new skills. They function like a typical RPG leveling tree, although each character may only accept one. Naturally, Deepwoken includes death; thus, after creating a new character, you can select a new oath.

The Deepwoken Oaths Tier List

Ten Deepwoken oaths have so far been found in the game. We cannot confirm that the community has discovered every oath due to the indirect nature of the game.

We anticipate additional enhancements to come in the future. The following are the current Deepwoken vows that the Fandom community has adopted:


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  • Arcwarder
  • Blindseer
  • Contractor
  • Dawnwalker
  • Fadetrimmer
  • Jetstriker
  • Oathless
  • Silentheart
  • Starkindred
  • Visionshaper

Ordering Oaths By Greatest To Worst

One of the central tenets of your Deepwoken persona is your oaths. Because of the prerequisites, they dictate your character construct pretty practically. I will try to clarify what constitutes a good and bad oath.

1. Oathless

Deepwoken Oath Oathless


There are two wildcard mantras that no other oath has, and you can utilize them for any attunement or ability to create a more flexible setup.

2. Jetstriker

Deepwoken Oath Jetstriker

It is not significantly better than others that came before it, but it is still a significant improvement. Permit me to clarify:  The more times you abuse the dashing critical, the more you can foresee it. In Chime, running is pointless because you’re out if lightning streams down from a cliff.


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3. Linkstrider

Deepwoken Oath Linkstrider

Let’s move on to the worthy ones now. Particularly for silent hearts or under-leveled teammates, Linkstrider is an incredibly underappreciated support. Excellent support, particularly in hell mode, for Chime 2s and 3.


Its ropes are challenging to put on in the middle of a fight, and the powers don’t offer much of a fighting edge when used alone. Therefore, those are its drawbacks.

4. Visionshaper

Deepwoken Oath Visionshaper

This is intriguing. The main reason is that, when used correctly, its lore counterpart could easily solo all of Etrin. However, it also has some drawbacks, like the mantras’ extremely long windup times.


Nevertheless, the rewards are more than satisfying if you can pull it off. Except the Lord Regent, who you would probably defeat even off his throne. (Blindseers are also your only vulnerability.)

5. Blindseer

Deepwoken Oath Blindseer

This one is primarily intriguing because, given that calm circle now follows you, it’s one of the best PvE pledges in the game and an excellent oath for mantra spammers.


This makes it THE BEST defense for L2 and hell mode BY FAR, tied with Sacred Field. Has few additional advantages in fighting, though. Disgrace.

6. Silentheart

Deepwoken Oath Silentheart

This one is fascinating, Silentheart. It contains several skills that other slots don’t have. The talent booklet is excellent since there isn’t a mantra slot and more talents available. You may quickly break 500 HP without using the most ideal equipment in the game.


7. Contractor

Deepwoken Oath Contractor

It’s an unusual oath. Any contractor worth their salt will tell you that, barring certain specific builds, shadowcast is the greatest option for contractors.

To be honest, this oath might be completely worthless or completely BUSTED, depending on how you use it. Excellent for PvP but less so for PvE.


Final Words

In Deepwoken Verse 2, There are currently nine obtainable Oaths, and as per our tier list Dawnwalker, Oathless, and Contractor are the best Oaths in Deepwoken.

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