Cult Of The Lamb Save File Location (Guide)

Folk who need information on Cult of the Lamb save file location will find this article very useful. It can be recalled that Cult of the Lamb is a very exciting rogue-like game. 

This is the case, regardless of the reports of glitches and bugs. Aside from that, the game is fantastic in many aspects and is an absolute necessity to play for fans of any genre. 

The game’s humorous and obscure story is the result of combining two different genres into a single narrative. 

Building your cult base and tending to your flock of followers is just as enjoyable as any of the other major sim titles that are currently available, even though the battles are relatively brief. 

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Now the major question is where to find the game’s save location. Find your answer based on the system in use below.

Cult Of The Lamb Save Game location

Before you can install a new game or obtain a backup of the current save file location, you must access the hidden folder via any of the following ways.


  • Copy or type the path in the folder address bar: C:/Users/Username/AppData/LocalLow/Massive Monster/Cult Of The Lamb/saves (“username” should be replaced with the name of the account you are currently using)
  • Press “Win + R”, then enter %appdata%, return to the AppData folder and then open: LocalLow -> Massive Monster -> Cult Of The Lamb -> saves
  • Leverage the system’s search engine; Type %appdata%, go to the AppData folder, and open: LocalLow -> Massive Monster -> Cult Of The Lamb -> saves

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  • Settings > STORAGE > [Storage device] > Saved Data > PS4 Games / PS5 Games > Cult of the Lamb


  • ~/Library/Application Support/Massive Monster/Cult Of The Lamb/saves


  • My Games and Apps > Cult of the Lamb > Menu > Manage Game and add-ons > SAVED DATA


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