Critical Legends Chest Locations (Complete Guide)

Have you been wondering where all the Critical Legends Chest are located in Roblox? Well, Critical Legends is a game you can enjoy playing on the Roblox platform. The game is an online multiplayer battle game. It came with 39 chests all scattered on the game map. So, if you’re looking at locating their positions, then, read on to find them all.

What are Critical Legends Chest Locations in Roblox?

The Roblox game has a wide map with a lot of chests scattered everywhere that you need to locate. Also, while playing the game, you will come across locked chests which require your character to reach a certain level. Additionally, wherever you find a chest that you can’t open due to your low level. Be sure to search the environs as other chests are nearby to loot.

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Make sure to level up your character as a higher level attracts rare chests with rare items.

In any location on the map, you are, there are four to five chests located there. The chests are hidden and you will have to ravage the place to find them.

All Critical Legends Chest Locations in Roblox

We have listed all the chest locations in Critical Legends chest locations below.


  • Spawn
  • Pickaxe — you will find this chest at bottom of the stairs near Spawn.
  • Beta Factory — when you look to your left, you find a Legit Shop. At the top of the building, there is a roof access hatch. Go explore it.
  • Punch — at your left side, up at the start. You will locate this around spawn.
  • Metal Plate — you can go through the apple tree seen at the Spawn’s left. From here, you can get to the Shack’s Roof.
  • Beta Ticket — search inside the Legit Shop.
  • Thyrus Wood
  • Icy Shield — you can find this chest in the Thyrus Wood below the apple tree on your left.
  • Campfire Wood — this chest is located south of the woods, by the campfire.
  • Hunting Dagger — Search near Thyrus Wood’s entrance.
  • Venom Scroll — seen south of the shop near the Arsenal.
  • Primis Field
  • Sharpener Rock — climb upstairs and check on the right side. The first cave there, ravage it.
  • Travelling Boots — you can see it outside Cave 1.

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  • Rage Scroll — search near the apple tree to locate it.
  • Burning Leaf — you have to travel to Cave 1. Get inside the purple portal leading to hell. Once in, take your left. Cross the bridge there and see the chest at the rocks and lava on your right.
  • Flower Fields
  • Honeycomb — this can be located in the middle of the beautiful flower fields.
  • Queen’s Soul — at the southern wall of the flower field, the Queen Bee is nearer. Go there to find this chest.
  • Sun Fragment — you can find this on the black platform in front of the Flower Fields.
  • Honeyshield — this is located at the northern wall closer to the flower fields.
  • Punky Sky
  • Dark Burn Scroll — you can get this chest on the left-hand side of the bridge if you pass through the Arsenal shop. It is behind one of the giant pillars.
  • Force Field — this chest is located in the crate-covered house. On top of the house, at the right of the Arsenal shop then take a boat from Slime King’s Forest in the south.
  • Blood to Mana Scroll — this item is located at the last house on the Potion Shop’s left side.
  • Slime King’s
  • King’s Crown —is located south of the Slime King’s Forest.
  • Self Heal Scroll — you can search for this item at Forest’s southwestern corner.
  • Barrage — this chest is hidden behind the tree in the northern part of the Slime King’s Forest.
  • Slime Jar — at the Forest in the southeastern quadrant, you will locate a shed there.
  • Ignite Scroll — this can be found near the crates outside Cave 2.
  • Forest

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  • Mini Tree — Across the bridge and Forest’s easternmost edge.
  • Virus — The chest can be found in Blubb’s Castle. Located at the edge of the Forest in northern Darkridge.
  • Heart Fruit — this is hidden in the center of the forest.
  • Gravity Islands — when you visit the Skeleton King’s tower. You can find it on the upper platform at the southeastern edge of the Forest.
  • Tiki Torch — On the seaside, near Forest’s southern border.
  • Evergreen
  • Group Heal Scroll — This is seen outside of Cave 3. Check at the right-side border wall.
  • Chaos Strike Scroll — when descending into Cave 3, you will see it on the rocks between two bridges. You can get to the point by using Haste potions.
  • Mana Scroll — you can see this chest on the northernmost wall of Cave 3.
  • Snowy Caps
  • Blizzard in a Bottle — you should locate this chest at the bottom of the pillar.
  • Ice Rosthis item is seen along the southern wall of the Snowy Capsight.
  • Self Freeze — this item is located south of the bridge. Lower than the area.

Roblox Critical Legends Chest locations for Above Level 100 Players

  • Void (you must be a level 100 player to get these chests)
  • Soul Drain — visit the Void and go to the eastern edge of the forest. When you get there, turn to your left and apply the Haste potion to jump onto the rock having the chest.
  • Heroes Cavern (you’re required to be a level 125 player)
  • King’s Forest – you need to get inside. Once there, use a Moon Potion to locate it. It is situated on top of the platform left of the Arsenal shop.
  • Soul in a Bottle — get to the Heroes Cavern, get in through a hole at the center of the slime.
  • Shadow Fruit — this final chest is located in the south area.

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If you want to streamline your gameplay and have smooth gameplay. Then locating these chests is the shortcut to that. Also, these chests aren’t so difficult to spot if you’re observant. With our guide, we believe you can locate all of your chests now. Happy gaming experience.

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