Creatures of Sonaria Codes

Creature of Sonaria codes are unique codes that players can redeem In the game to get rewards like Tokens, Astral Queztal Plushie, and other in-game benefits.

These codes unlock fantastic bonuses in the game which can help players survive, customize their experience, or expand their collections.

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Currently, there are no available codes. Please check back later. 

How To Obtain More Updated Codes?

The best thing to do is keep tabs on the developers through their official social media accounts. These include Twitter (@Sonar_Games), TikTok (@sonar_games), YouTube (@SonarStudiosRoblox), Instagram (@sonar_games), and the official Creatures of Sonaria Discord server.


On Twitter, you can follow @Sonar_Games to catch real-time updates. The developers drop hints, announcements, and, most importantly, the codes there.

Under the handle @sonar_games, TikTok may have some exclusive content or codes hidden in their videos. YouTube, with the channel @SonarStudiosRoblox, is a goldmine for video content related to the Creature of Sonaria.

Watch out for videos where they may reveal codes or give insights into the latest game features. Meanwhile, the developers share visual treats on Instagram (@sonar_games), and who knows, they might drop a code or two in their posts.


The official Creatures of Sonaria Discord is a community hub where players and developers interact. It’s a prime platform for announcements and discussions, and sometimes codes are shared exclusively.

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How To Redeem The Codes?

1. Start By Opening The Game

  • Open up Roblox and navigate to Creatures of Sonaria.

2. Locate The Blue Gift Icon

  • In the game interface, look out for a distinctive blue gift icon.
  • You’ll find this icon positioned at the bottom of the screen.

3. Tap The Blue Gift Icon

  • Once you’ve spotted the blue gift icon, tap It.
  • This action opens up the code redemption interface, where you can enter the codes to unlock your rewards.

4. Input The Code

  • In the redemption interface, you’ll see a designated textbox labeled “Input code.”
  • Type in the code you obtained.

5. Click The “Redeem” Button

  • With the code successfully entered, the final step is to hit the “Redeem” button.
  • This signals to the game that you’re ready to claim your rewards.
  • The rewards should now be in your inventory or added to your account.

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