Colony Iota Supplies

In Xenoblade Chronicles 3, Enemies and Allies is a standard quest. Follow this article for more details on all obtainable rewards, their locations, and other essential info to guide you through the quest.

Enemies and Allies Location and Rewards

colony iota supplies
Fornis Region – Colony Iota

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How to Unlock and Recommended Level


Chapter 4

How to Unlock

Go to the Colony Iota and unlock the topic “Colony Iota Goods.” Do this after you have completed Alexandria’s Hero Quest – Her Reasons.

Recommended Level


Quest Giver


Required Hero


Required Discussion Topic and Location

Colony Iota Goods

Colony Iota

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1940 G

1760 EXP

3 SP

Item Rewards

Colony Iota Goods x15

Enemies and Allies Unlock Conditions

complete alexandria's hero quest
Complete Alexandria’s Hero Quest
  • The “Enemies and Allies” quest can only be unlocked when you complete Alexandria’s Hero Quest – Her Reasons.
  • You can start the Hero Quest by conquering the Colony Iota Troops at Dies Arch in Fornis Region. After that, you have to defeat Alexandria’s squad dispersed around the Fornis and Pentelas regions.
  • When you defeat them all, go back to Colony Iota and take down Alexandria and Moebius E.

Alexandria’s Hero Quest: Her Reasons Walkthrough

 Enemies and Allies Walkthrough 

Acquire the topic ‘Colony Iota Goods’

Talk to Rhyza at Torus Hollow

Get the hidden stash at Torus Hollow

Send supplies to Colony 4

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Acquire the Topic ‘Colony Iota Goods’

Colony Iota Goods NPC Locations

colony iota goods npc locations

Before unlocking this quest, you will have to first acquire the topic ‘Colony Iota Goods’ at Colony Iota. It is done by listening to the NPCs with the yellow speech bubble that are found around the colony. The moment that you have acquired the two essential pieces of information to unlock the topic, discuss it at a rest spot to unlock the quest.

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Talk to Rhyza at Torus Hollow

colony iota

When you’re done unlocking the quest, go to the north of the Colony Iota till you get to the Great Liente Shelf at Elaice Highway. Go into the cave to reach Torus Hollow and talk with Rhyza. Ensure that your team is all leveled up because you will come across a host of Lv.40 enemies on your way.

Final Thoughts

These are the walkthrough on colony iota supplies. Follow the guides as instructed in this article to obtain all the rewards.

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