Castle Crashers Tier List 2023

This is a list of Castle Crasher’s best characters. In video games, we often talk about tier lists, which help us figure out which characters are the best.

These lists are usually based on how powerful a character becomes when playing at the highest difficulty level. On my list, I have characters who have unique abilities like Splash Attack, which is a special move that can hit multiple enemies at once.

They’re good at handling lots of enemies, and taking down big bosses. However, below is the list of the best characters In Castle Crashers In 2023.


  • Bear
  • Blue Knight
  • Fencer/Industrialist
  • Fire Demon
  • Iceskimo
  • Orange Knight
  • Saracen

Let’s get started.

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Ranking all Characters in Castle Crashers


1. Bear

Bear is a character worth considering, especially if you’re a fan of tough, tanky heroes. They might not have flashy magic spells, but he is brilliant at soaking up damage and keeping enemies at the natural harbor.

Bear’s Tornado Splash Attack and Air Projectile may not seem like much, but they serve a crucial purpose. They can block incoming attacks, making Bear a formidable wall of defense in a tough battle.

Unlike other characters, Bear can switch to a different weapon and then switch back to the Club even at Level 1. This unique ability allows you to adapt to different situations and playstyles.


If you prefer getting up close and personal with enemies while taking hits like a champ, Bear’s initial weapon, the Club, is your best friend. It’s perfect for those who like to be in the thick of the action.

2. Blue Knight

The Blue Knight has skills that can freeze your enemies in their tracks. It specializes in Ice magic, making it tough for enemies to move or attack.

The only exception is larger characters, who are a bit more resistant to his chilly powers. However, while most characters’ Splash Attacks become cheaper to use as you level up, the Blue Knight’s Splash Attack can only be used twice with a full bar. So, you’ll want to make those icy blasts count.


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3. Fencer/Industrialist

Fencers and Industrialists are two of the best characters In Castle Crashers. Fencers are easily recognizable by their flashy, dirty-purple armor that resembles fencing gear.

They sport a stylish helmet with a single horn at the back and a metal mask with three horizontal stripes for breathing. Their arms and legs are clad in dark gray armor, with metal shoes featuring a unique sphere design.


In their portraits, you’ll notice dynamic features, circular pauldrons (shoulder armor), and a mysterious dark area on their belly, likely part of their hidden armor beneath those stylish purple clothes.

Armed with the Fencer Foil, a fencing sword perfect for combat, Fencers are agile and skilled in close combat. Fencers, much like Industrialists, use the power of technology for both offense and magic.

This unique combination of style and technology makes them a good choice for players who appreciate a bit of flair in their battles.


4. Fire Demon

Fire Demon uses the power of flames, and their attacks cause damage over time. Armed with the Black Morning Star, Fire Demon produces some fiery justice from the get-go.

They use their burning powers to melt through tough enemies. Their knockback crowd control abilities help keep enemies at a distance, and they’re also skilled at basic juggling. Fire Demon can lock enemies into elemental combos, making them easy prey. Plus, they’re excellent at crowd-clearing.

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5. Iceskimo

Iceskimo started as an enemy but now,  he is one of your allies. They use magical powers centered around ice and non-elemental abilities, and their spells can freeze enemies in their tracks.

When you first meet Iceskimo, they’ll be armed with a Fishing Spear, but don’t underestimate it, as Iceskimo can use it to great effect in battle.

6. Orange Knight

Orange Knight boasts powers that make them one of the best characters. They are good at dealing with damage, which means they can set enemies on fire or poison them, gradually wearing them down.


When it comes to dealing with hordes of foes, Orange Knight is your specialist. Their advanced crowd-clearing skills make them great at taking down multiple enemies at once.

Orange Knight can lock enemies into elemental combos, making them easy prey for your attacks. This unique ability adds a layer of strategy to your battles.

If you enjoy juggling enemies in the air or knocking them back to create some space, Orange Knight is skilled at both basic juggling and knockback crowd control.


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7. Saracen

Saracen is a great character for any team. To make the most of Saracen’s abilities, it’s a good idea to equip them with a Strength heavy weapon.

This choice boosts the effectiveness of their Splash Attack and Air Projectile. In certain situations, like the Industrial Castle level, Saracen can impress.


When playing with another player or more, you can coordinate your moves to pin enemies against walls. This teamwork tactic limits their mobility and makes them easier to defeat.

If you have a teammate, they can help by using juggling techniques or spamming Magic Projectiles and Air Projectiles to support Saracen’s efforts in keeping enemies cornered.

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