Can A Skinny Person Play Football?

American Football is a very aggressive sport that requires one to be rugged, gritty, and aggressive and these traits are required in some of the dangerous positions in the game. Find them below:

  • Center.
  • Offensive guard.
  • Offensive tackle.
  • Running back.
  • Linebacker.
  • Quarterback.

Therefore the question; Can A Skinny Person Play Football is a necessary one, especially for a contact sport where many professional players are bulked up. 

However, being skinny doesn’t necessarily translate to being weak. Also, football has to do with strength, stamina, and skill. If these three are in place, then there is a high possibility of success in the sport.


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Can A Skinny Person Play Football?

The fact is although you may be skinny now and be intimidated by the appearance of other players in the game, there is always significant room for improvement if you are willing to put in the time and effort. 


Regardless, we’ve seen skinny American Football players like Elliot Fry, who played as a kicker for USC

Here are some of the qualities you’d be required to showcase to be physically competitive in the game of American Football

  • High levels of mobility and agility
  • Explosive power
  • Raw strength
  • Quick reactions
  • High level of endurance

With the aforementioned characteristics, you have a good chance of victory regardless of your physique. 


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The only exception is when you compete with an athlete who is significantly larger than you. In this case, you’d require a size and mass advantage.

If a skinny person interested in playing football can commit to a regular exercise routine, reaching a healthy weight that would be advantageous in the game won’t be nearly as challenging.


Ideal Football Positions for Skinny People

For skinny folks, you may not be able to play any position other than the wide receiver or defensive back unless you absolutely have to. Being a kicker is also a good option for a skinny physique. Elliot Fry at USC is an example.

The Kicker position in football has to do with running to catch passes or providing protection for other players who are running to catch passes. 

You will have to work on improving your speed, your stamina, your jumping ability, and your ability to catch the ball in order to become more proficient at these positions. 


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What Really Matters As A Trait To Play Football?

In football, it could be said that the majority of the game focuses on the player’s emotions, and desires. You will be successful if you put in a lot of effort in training during the off-season and desire it more than the other person does. 

As pointed out earlier, you can also gain the necessary amount of weight if you put in the effort in the weight room and pay attention to what you eat.


How To Gain Weight To Play Football

As stated earlier, there is always room for improvement if you are skinny and want to play football at the highest level. Here are some steps to take.

  • Go to a gym. Get moving and start working out. Raise a few pounds of it. 
  • Equip yourself with the necessary skills to play football. 
  • Eat Healthy Food.


The answer to this question is as good as answered in this article and also points out the importance of personal responsibility in your quest to play football if you are skinny. 

Do well to adhere to the points in this article and you will be good to go.


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