Call of Dragons Best Factions

This post provides the best faction In Call of Dragon. Call of Dragons is a mobile game that lets you team up with other players.

In this game, you’ll have the chance to build your city, make friends with other players, and work together to seize new territories while defending against your enemies.

Plus, you’ll have the option to lead one of three big groups, humans, elves, or orcs which are also known as factions. And you’ll have more than 20 different heroes to choose from to help you on your adventures.


However, Each of these factions comes with its special soldiers and bonuses to make your adventure more exciting. In this post, I will dive into these three factions, and help you choose the best for your adventure.

Let’s get started.

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1. League of Order Faction

League of Order Faction Details

  • Main Races: Humans, Halflings, Celestials
  • Starting Hero: Waldyr (a solid starting hero)

The League of Order Faction is the best faction In Call of Dragon, and It is an excellent choice, particularly for new players struggling to gather resources. One of the advantages of the League of Order Faction is the significant boost it offers to your gathering speed.

At the early stages of the game, every bit of speed counts, and the League of Orders delivers an impressive 10% increase in gathering speed.


However, surviving in Call of Dragon can be challenging when facing formidable opponents. The League of Order Faction has your back with a valuable bonus, a 3% increase in Legion Magic Defense.

This boost can make a significant difference in battles, increasing your chances of survival when facing ghostly attacks and improving your overall strength.

Then again, If your main goal in the game is to accumulate as many resources as possible, the League of Order Faction is an ideal choice.


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2. Springwardens Faction

Springwardens Faction Details:

  • Main Races: Elves, Treants, Forest Eagles
  • Starting Hero: Gwanwyn (a formidable starting hero against PVE monsters)

The Springwardens Faction is tailor-made for those who enjoy mobilizing and launching powerful attacks against rival players.


Its great feature is a notable boost to March Speed, a crucial advantage when it comes to quickly moving your armies across the battlefield.

Perhaps the most remarkable bonus offered by the Springwardens Faction is the 5% Healing Speed increase.

This bonus proves invaluable when you find yourself engaged in intense battles, as it significantly improves the rate at which your troops recover.


A faster healing process means you can keep your armies in the battle longer. However, It’s essential to note that the Springwardens Faction isn’t the best choice for new players.

Its advantages are most pronounced in the later stages of the game, where PVP encounters become more regular and intense.

As a new player, you won’t benefit much from these bonuses for progression, so it’s advisable to explore other factions like the League of Orders faction.


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3. Wilderburg Faction

Wilderburg Faction Details:

  • Main Races: Orcs, Goblins, Satyrs, Tavrosi
  • Starting Hero: Bakhar (a dependable starting hero)

One of the advantages of the Wilderburg Faction is the substantial 10% boost to Building Speed. When you’re starting in the game, constructing and upgrading buildings is a fundamental part of your progress.


The faster you can build, the quicker your city develops, and the more formidable your empire becomes. In addition to the impressive Building Speed bonus, the Wilderburg Faction also provides a 3% increase in Legion Physical Attack.

This bonus can greatly bolster your armies’ combat capabilities, making them more effective in battles against both AI-controlled creatures and rival players.

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