Butterfly Race Gift Codes

Butterfly Race codes are a set of instructions that give out bonus items and rewards, giving you a boost in the game. In the game, just hit the finish line in less than two minutes to rack up wins.

Use those wins to speed up and conquer more races, reaching new levels and maybe even making it to the top 50 leaderboards.

Butterfly Race codes can give you a hand in reaching those goals too. Let’s enjoy the thrill of the game, gathering wins, and using those to zoom through levels, aiming for victory and a sweet spot on the leaderboards.


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List of All The Codes

  • freecode2023 – Redeem code for Win Potion
  • opcodeyt – Redeem code for a Mega Alien Pet
  • codedog – Redeem code for a CodeDog Pet
  • codekitty – Redeem code for a CodeKitty Pet
  • BLUETUBEALIEN – Redeem code for a BlueTubeAlien Pet
  • BLUETUBEZALIEN – Redeem code for a BlueTubeZalien pet
  • HUGEUPDATE2 – Redeem code for a Win Potion
  • NEWPET2290 – Redeem code for a uTube Broli Pet
  • YTMR289 – Redeem code for a uTube Dragon Pet
  • YTME1456 – Redeem code for a uTube Bunny Pet
  • RELEASE – Redeem code for Happy Red Dragon Pet

Where You Can See More Codes?

Explore the game’s official community channels, including Discord, Twitter, Roblox Group, and YouTube. These platforms are the primary outlets for developers to release the most recent gift codes.


Developers frequently choose Discord, Twitter, Roblox Group, and YouTube to unveil their codes, especially during crucial moments such as game milestones, special occasions, collaborations, and other noteworthy events.

These occasions often trigger the release of coupon codes, offering an opportune time to get extra goodies for your butterfly friends.

To stay updated without being glued to your screen, simply follow or join these platforms and watch out for announcements.


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How To Redeem The Above Codes

1. Start Butterfly Race

  • To begin your code-redeeming adventure, start the Butterfly Race game.

2. Spot The “Codes” Button

  • Look to the left side of your screen, and there is the “Codes” button. Click on It.

3. Enter The Code

  • A new window opens, revealing a text box. Here’s where you will Input one of the codes from the list.

4. Click “Submit”

  • With the code correctly in place, click the “Submit” button.

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