2 Builds You Can Leverage in Legend of Slime

This post provides you with a list of some of the best builds In Legend of Slime. Legend of Slime is an adventure game combined with battles, and with the best build, you can level up your experience.

It Is a game where you play a role and fight in arenas. It’s got that online idle thing going on too, where things keep happening even when you’re not playing.

However, there are a lot of things you can collect  In the game like items and weapons. That said, In this post, you will learn about some of the best builds In the game.


Let’s dive In.

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Best Build In Legend of Slime

1. Endy’s 3 Insect Build

For this build, you’re forming a squad of three insects: Blink, Crink, Beetle, or Elder. No need to stress about having the Elder insect; it’s optional.


Just make sure your insect buddies are decently leveled, around 50 should do the trick. The other two companions you get along with should be your serious hitters, whatever type they may be.

However, get yourself a Plush Lycan (or a Chick Doll if one of your pals is a chicken), Sun Crown, Sap Dish (level 30-50 is ideal), Ancient Bonsai (or Flexible Bamboo if you can’t live without it), Gold Bread, and Dwarf King Armor.

Relic-wise, go for Pottery, Ruby, Sparrow Figurine (which now works on all companions, not just chickens), Regal Pillow, Sacred Necklace, Kitsune Mask (or a Slime Mask if you can’t part with Sacred Necklace and Bamboo).


Also, you should keep your skills simple with Rage and Reaper, no need to complicate things. The Regal Pillow spreads its effects wider with more skills equipped, so stick to Rage and Reaper for a constant power boost.

Testing out different skills can be beneficial, find what suits your playstyle. For the ring, aim for a high companion percentage.

Comp attack is your main source of damage here. S-grade rings are my go-to, but some may suggest a C-grade for a Reaper boost.


I don’t vouch for it, as Reaper’s power diminishes later in the game. Toys, early on, focus on attack > crit > comp. Once you catch an exotic toy, shift your focus to crit > comp > skill.

In addition, go all out on attack traits. Despite being a companion-focused build, regular attack traits are better companion traits.

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2. Cat Build

In Legend of Slime, when you hit the mid to end-game stage (specifically VH to HELL difficulty), the Cat Build can be a savior build.

For this build, pick a team with three cats leading the charge and two other pets lending a helping claw for that extra damage boost.

When it comes to relics, catch ancient coins, throw in either Topas or Opal (decide based on your health situation), and don’t forget the game-changer: the Cat Figurine.


Load up with a Pile of Coins, a Sacred Necklace, a Kitsune Mask, and the Tome of Disorder. If your health is taking a hit, opt for Opal; otherwise, stick with Topaz.

Gems-wise, switch to slime or folksy if the need arises. When we talk about skills, we can forget speed. Magic coin, Slime press, Egg throw, Lightning strikes, Detonative slime, and an energy of Terrify form the dream team to trigger the Cat Figurine as often as possible.

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In the trait department, aim for 1-2 Attack Damage and 3-4 Companion Damage. For some extra flair, consider recruiting a Vampire (purple) and possibly a squad of four Hydras (orange) for that perfect synergy.

Once you’ve set this up, things become easy. The Cat Figurine leads, throwing a fish with every skill used. Try to maximize Figurine use and damage.

It seems like the Figurine channels the entire companion team’s damage, so picking the top three cats and two supporters is better for a higher overall team attack.


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