Bloxburg House Ideas

If you’re seeking for Bloxburg house ideas to build cheap, modern, and high-class houses. We have got you covered in this masterpiece of Bloxburg house ideas. You must have been seeing other gamers’ mansions and you want to showcase yours. If that is the case. Read on to find out how to build cheap ultra-modern mansions.

I will be detailing Bloxburg house ideas you can utilize and build your house. Without much ado, let’s see the houses you can build with our Bloxburg House ideas.

Best Bloxburg Houses Ideas for Your Next Mansion

The Bloxburg house idea is listed from one to eleven. All these mansions can be built with small money if you follow our ideas as shared here.

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1. Luxurious Modern Mansion

The Blush modern mansion will be a good fit for your Bloxburg house ideas. The Blush modern house is designed by Frenchrxses. The mansion is fitted and furnished with top-class furniture and fittings.

The building is two stories having it living room, bedroom, study table, kitchen, etc. The mansion has everything you need for modern beautification. You can as well manually expand the house and add more rooms.

You can build this modern blush house with a low budget and if you have access to game pass items too. Check out Frenchrxses YouTube below on how to build the mansion.

Luxurious Modern Mansion YouTube

2. Hillside Mansion

This is another Bloxburg house idea you can get. The Hillside Mansion is an ultra-modern high-budget mansion. If you’re seeking something in luxury but not of high class.

The Hillside Mansion has that luxury look. Hillside Mansion was designed by Cylito, a YouTuber. You can build this luxury mansion with 188k. You will have access to the pond, wide opening area, compound waterfall, fireplace, and other luxury fittings. You can use the YouTube link below to see how to build this edifice from Cylito.

Hillside Mansion YouTube

3. Colonial House

Colonial House is another luxury Bloxburg house idea. it was designed by a YouTuber, Anix. The house is a modern luxury house with an astonishing look. Colonial House can be built without utilizing the game pass. And it is made up of rich interior design.

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The compound has a pool, garden area, and other features you will expect in a luxury house. The building itself has a living room, comes with four bedrooms, a big size kitchen, and a kids room. Use the YouTube link below from Anix to watch how to build the Colonial House


Colonial House YouTube Video

4. Cheap Modern House

Looking for great Bloxburg house ideas. The Cheap Modern House is such a great luxury house to build in Bloxburg. You can build this elegant luxury building with just 55k.

Cheap Modern House is the work of a YouTuber Ethrielle. You don’t need a game pass to build this cheap modern house. The house is furnished with a bedroom, kitchen, store, etc. Use the YouTube video below to watch Ethrielle construct this building.

Cheap Modern House Video

5. Mini Mansion

As the name implies, Mini Mansion was also developed by Youtuber Anix. The house is budget friendly and you can get this mansion with 30k. Mini Mansion from Anix has a garage and a big yard for relaxation.

The rooms are the living room, bedroom, study room, kitchen, and all rooms you can find in modern luxury houses. It is ideal for a little family with its two bedrooms and bathrooms.

Use the link below and watch the construction of the building by Anix.

Mini Mansion YouTube Video

6. Lakeside Cheery Blossom Mansion

The glamorous standing mansion of Lakeside Cherry Blossom. The edifice is one of the best picks you can select in Bloxburg House ideas. This mansion comes with huge furnished rooms, bedrooms, a kitchen, a study room, etc.

The mansion is surrounded by a waterfall which makes it more admirable. You can use the YouTube video below to watch the design of this site.

Lakeside Cheery Blossom YouTube

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7. Blush Pink House

If and love pink colors, you will surely like the Blush Pink House. A luxury mansion for your Bloxburg house ideas. The mini Blush Pink mansion is decorated with blistering pink colors. You can design this house with just 30k making it one of the cheapest mansions in Bloxburg.

The mansion allows for customization. So, you can customize it to your choice and add new designs and looks. Use the YouTube video below on how to design the site.


Blush Pink House

8. Lapis Lakehouse

Think of that beautiful mansion at the waterside. If you like watching the waves of water, then Lapis Lakehouse is your best Bloxburg house idea.

You can retire to your serene environment after days of hustling. Lapis Lakehouse is one of the mansions you can build with ease. Lapis Lakehouse is derived from the Southern reality theme. Having white furnished interior designs and painted with white.

9. Aesthetics Loft

Aesthetics Loft is that beautiful mansion in Bloxburg with futuristic designs and traditional items. The house is designed with black and white interior designs. The second floor has a staircase from the sitting room to climb up. The second floor has a very different design from the first floor making it look like another mansion in a mansion.

The house has all the housing features and rooms you will think of. Use the video below to watch the design of the house.

Aesthetics Loft Video


10. Simple Townhouse

Here is the Simple Townhouse, one of the decent buildings in Bloxburg house ideas. If you’re looking for a good looking and big house. The Simple Townhouse is your best choice. The rooms can accommodate all your households. And has numerous rooms, and bathrooms, and can offer privacy to each member of the house.

The house is designed for a big family and you can build it with just 29k. The house also allows for customization. That means you can customize the building to your taste.

Simple Townhouse YouTube

11. One-Story Family Mansion

Finally, we have the One-Story Family Mansion. This is one of the biggest luxury mansions in Bloxburg House ideas. The family mansion is fitted with a pond, movie theater, bedrooms, an office, kitchen, wide parking space, and lots more. What else do you need in a Big Family House?

The family luxury mansion can be built with 250k. Making it one of the most costly mansions in Bloxburg. You can design the house by watching the YouTube below from Ethrielle.

One-Story Family Mansion Video

Final Words

We have tried to gather all the Bloxburg House ideas for 2022. With the embedded YouTube videos, you can design each house with ease. Remember that some house doesn’t need a game pass to design. While some allow for manual customization. Pick your choice and design it using the YouTube video link. 

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