Blox Fruits Trello Link And Guide

blox fruits trello

Blox Fruits is one of the most played Roblox games. The game’s concept is very realistic and fun to play. in the game, you are to gather fruits, the type of fruits you get determines how you will level up in the game.

Many rare fruits will give your character special powers in the game. Most fruits can’t be found in the game world, rather, you obtain them from the stock vendor. In essence, Blox Fruits is an exceptional game you will enjoy playing during off hours.

The game was developed by Gamer Robot Inc. The game can be accessed and played by any person who is on the Roblox platform. The game concept was derived from the One Piece Manga series.

Blox Fruits has PvE and PvP features where you play in multiplayer and single modes too. In the game, we have a devil fruit system. This fruit when eaten by any of the players wields powerful abilities and becomes very strong than others.

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Blox Fruits Trello

Blox Fruits is not the first Roblox game to have a Trello. Most game developed on the platform has Trello which helps new players know what are expected to do in the game.

The Trello is just like an induction into the game. It explains to you everything to know about the game. It’s quite informative and useful when starting any game anew on the Roblox platform.

What you need to understand further is that Trello usually has more info than you can see in WIKI. So, with the Blox Fruits Trello, you’re sure of getting all the information you need. Sit tight as we journey down together.

Blox Fruits Trello: Intro

What Trello will teach and show you are the devil’s fruits, guns, maps, weapons, different islands scattered in the maps, fighting tactics, swords, and many others.

Blox Fruits Trello: Trello Link

The link we shared below is the official Blox Fruits Trello link.

Blox Fruits Trello Official:

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Blox Fruits Trello: Guide to Controls

The navigation and controls of Blox Fruits as shown in the Trello.

  • Navigation: W, A, S, D Keys
  • Jump: Spacebar
  • Sprint: Ctrl
  • Dash: Q
  • Race Skill: T

Haki keybinds: J (Buso), R (Soru), E/K (Ken)

Blox Fruits Trello: Guide To RAID

As the game’s update 12th, there are many new introductions in the game by the developers. One of the major introductions is the one called RAID.

When you play RAID mode, you will fight X5 islands where you will deal with many foes. You will also come across the X1 boss when you reach the 5th and obtain a premium reward.

The rewards are Fragment or awakening fruits. When you’re in RAID mode, you can’t use the Ken Haki. You will also perform the sky jump when you have completed the islands.

How To Get Fragments?

You can obtain the fragments by following the steps below.

  • You must defeat Blackbeard/Darkbeard. When you defeat them, you will receive 1.5k Fragments.
  • Go on to destroy the X1 Seabeast/Sea King. Defeating these bosses gives you X250 Fragments.
  • Finally, when you complete the raid, you will be rewarded with 1000 Fragments when you have just 3 minutes to finish the raid. But if you have used it most of the time and it’s lesser than 3 minutes, you will be rewarded with 300 and 1000 Fragments. This is based on what is left by the time you completed the Raid. But if you survive the game and the time elapses, you will be rewarded with X300 Fragments.

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Blox Fruits Trello: Guide to Boats?

Use these free Trello cheats to get some freebies from Blox Fruits. These are rewards for completing the Box Fruits Trello guide.

  • Dinghy – Free
  • Sloop – B$300 – Brings you to the beginning
  • Basic – B$1K – Also pushes your character to the beginning
  • Brigate – B$50K – it will increase your bounty to 50K
  • Speedboat – A Blox Fruits Gamepass
  • Enforcer – B1K – a Blox Fruits Gamepass
  • Swam – B$5K, this will destroy the Flamingo in the new world immediately.
  • Flower – B$5K – This will trade 1.5K fragments to Cyborg
  • Santa’s Sleigh – B$5K – you will be able to trade with Santa Claws. This only occurs when the Christmas event is one. It will cost you 1k candy to trade here.

Final Thoughts

That’s all you need to know about Blox Fruits Trello. Be informed that most places to get other vital information as regards the game is their discord server. The Trello is just a comprehensive guide about the entire game concepts and gameplay structures. The Trello has more vital information than the WIKI has.

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