Black Raisin Cookie Toppings Build (2024)

If you have been searching for the Black Raisin Cookie Toppings Build? In our blog, we have got you covered. There is more to the toppings build.

The Black Raisin Cookie is a fascinating Epic Ambush Cookie. The character has a bigger heart than her physical appearance.

While the game might throw you away at the start. It is a nice game where the character cares about people. This is evident in her game role in GingerBrave.When they were partying at the Vanilla Kingdom exploration sequence.


Here is the Black Raisin Cookie build for toppings

  • Searing Raspberry Topping (X5) – Full ATK Build in The Game
  • Swift Chocolate (X5) – Optional in The Game

The build set in the Cookie Run Kingdom world is the Searing Raspberry X5 with Full ATK DMG Build.

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This adds more damage to the Black Raisin. Therefore, you can make more damage from Black Raisins. But only when you use it as your main DMG unit when playing the game.


It is a recommended topping build for Black Raisin. Another good Black Raisin Cookie Toppings build set is the mix of X3 Searing Raspberry or X5 Swift Choco + X2 Swift Choco.

Black Raisin Cookie Skill Info and Gameplay

Shadow Watcher: The prowling Black Raisin Eye players can’t hide from. This Cookie will vanish into the shadows and can be seen again when it strikes the enemies many times. Dealing with huge area damage to the occupants.

  • X14 second base cd
  • Damage dealt with 79.7 percent (+1% DMG/level)
  • Cooldown within 14 seconds

Black Raisin Cookie is just a complete DMG dealer and can destroy DPS by a decent amount. And can also reduce DPS by dealing with several assassination-esque slashes with skill.


The game is multiplayer and has a good number of newer units. Some legendaries play the same role as Black Raisin. When in the right build and team composition. She can exact her striking and DMG power.

Black Raisin Cookie Toppings Story



The Black Raisin Cookie is a game of a task to protect a tragic leftover of the kingdom. The kingdom has been ravaged by harsh winds. The streets are destroyed and trees have gone wild. With something hiding in the shadow.

It is made with some wrinkly raisins, shriveled. The cookie has tested near death. And has learned everything necessary to survive in battle.

Even after it lost one of its arms to the dangers that threw her off balance. The Cookie keeps hunting foods in the dangerous zones to feed those who believe in her.


Even as it has suffered from the harsh environment. Black Raisin Cookie has not lost its Cookie heart. Every character in the game needs help.

Even the crow with 1 leg. Every new day comes with a new challenge. And the Black Raisin Cookie is always there for the people. Protecting and fighting off the dark shadows.

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I hope I have been able to help you with our Black Raisin Cookie Toppings Build article. You should have gotten all the best information you will need to streamline the gameplay. Enjoy your gameplay.

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