Black Desert Online Tier List In 2023

This post provides a list of the best black deserts online classes that can improve your adventure. If you love to play Black Desert Online (BDO), you know that choosing the best class can make or break your gaming experience.

In 2023, the BDO has developed, and new classes and updates have shaken up the tier list. Black Desert Online, or BDO for short is a make-believe game where you create your character and go on adventures.

In BDO, you can make your characters look exactly how you want them to. However, the game is massive, with different places to explore, like forests, deserts, and cities.


And when it comes to fighting bad guys, it’s not like just pressing buttons randomly. It’s more like playing a fast-paced action game, where you have to be quick and smart to win battles.

You can also become a master chef, fisherman, or even a farmer. Also, you can team up with other players in groups called guilds and have heroic battles with other guilds.

In all, you need the best classes to enhance your gaming experience, and In this post, I will discuss some of the best black deserts online classes you can invest in. Plus, you will have an idea of what these characters are good at and the best way you can use them.


Let’s have fun

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Black Deserts Online Tier List – A Classes

These A-tier classes in Black Desert Online each have their unique strengths, though they might not be the best in all cases. With practice and skill, they can be a lot of fun to play and bring a lot to your adventures in the game.


1. Valkyrie

Valkyries are tough warriors who can both take and dish out damage. They use a big sword and shield, which makes them good at fighting and defending.

But becoming a skilled Valkyrie isn’t easy; it takes practice. And to play as a Valkyrie, you need to know when to attack and when to defend. Use your blocking skills to stop enemy attacks and then strike back with powerful combos.

2. Shais

Shais are unique because they’re more about helping the team than dealing big damage. They use music to boost their friends and weaken their enemies, and they can also heal and control crowds, which is handy in group play.


Playing as a Shai means working well with your team. You won’t be the strongest fighter, but you’ll make your team stronger, and that’s just as important.

3. Dark Knight

Dark Knights are fast and can fight up close or from a distance. They might not have the most powerful attacks, but their speed makes up for it.

Dark Knights use a mix of swords and magic, and they can be very agile, jumping around and switching between melee and ranged attacks. This makes them good for various situations.


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4. Sorceress

Sorceresses are all about dark magic and crowd control. They can use spells to keep enemies at bay and deal heavy damage.

But they’re not the easiest class to play, so it’s a bit of a challenge. However, you need to time your attacks right and know where to stand. Your goal is to keep enemies away with your spells and strike when they least expect it.


5. Ninja

Ninjas are like speedy assassins. They’re not the toughest, but they’re incredibly fast and can deal a lot of damage in a short time. Ninjas use agility to get close to their target and attack swiftly.

Black Deserts Online Tier List – B Classes

These are pretty good options, but they are not the best. You might need to play them a bit more strategically because they have their challenges.

6. Mystic

Mystics are martial arts masters who can tap into powerful “Awakening” abilities. They’re fantastic when it comes to taking on lots of enemies in PvE situations, which means fighting computer-controlled baddies.


They can punch, kick, and call a spirit dragon to help them out. However, in player-vs-player (PvP) battles and Guild vs. Guild clashes, they can struggle against classes that attack from a distance.

So, playing a Mystic in these situations might require some extra skills and strategies to close the gap between you and those annoying foes.

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7. Corsair

Corsairs are pirate-like adventurers. They wield a sword and can shoot cannonballs. Corsairs are a bit of a mixed bag; they can be good in both PvE and PvP, which is pretty versatile.

But, like some of the other classes in the B-tier, they might have their challenges. Corsairs might need to pay extra attention to their positioning and timing to shine in battles.

8. Wizard

Wizards are spellcasters who command powerful magic. They can summon fire, lightning, and all sorts of elemental goodies. Wizards are solid choices for PvE because they can wipe out groups of enemies with their devastating spells.


However, in PvP, they can be a bit tricky to play because they have to get close to their enemies to unleash their full power. Getting up close with the wrong opponent can be a bit risky, so you’ll need to be extra careful.

9. Sage

Sages are masters of time and space, and they have some unique abilities that let them teleport around and manipulate time. They’re brilliant in both PvE and PvP.

Just keep in mind that playing a Sage might require a bit more finesse, especially when it comes to timing your teleportations and abilities just right.


10. Warrior

Warriors are warriors, and they’re all about being tough and smashing stuff with big weapons. Very much reliable in both PvE and PvP.

However, they might not have the flashiest moves, so you’ll need to rely on your skills and tactics to outsmart your opponents.

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11. Witch

Witches are spellcasters like Wizards, but they focus on crowd control and support attacks. They can freeze enemies, heal their allies, and do some witchy stuff.

In PvP, they can struggle because they’re not the best at taking a beating. So, to play a Witch effectively, you’ll need to be smart about when and how you use your spells.

12. Nova

Novas are ice warriors with a unique shield and flail combo. They’re all about freezing their foes and delivering powerful blows, but not the easiest to master, with practice, they can be a solid choice.


13. Maehwa

Maehwas are agile swordmasters, and they’re all about strikes and mobility. They’re pretty good in PvE, but in PvP, they might need some extra finesse to impress. Playing a Maehwa means using your speed and agility to outsmart your opponents and strike when they least expect it.

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Black Deserts Online Tier List – C Classes

14. Archer

Archers are all about different combat, and they have some decent damage potential. However, Archers are rather gear-dependent. You’ll need to invest a lot of time and resources into their equipment to make them better.


To play as an Archer, you’ll need to keep your distance from enemies, firing your arrows from afar. Getting up close and personal isn’t the best idea, so it’s all about staying safe while dealing damage from a distance.

15. Kunoichi

Kunoichis are nimble assassins who rely on agility and quick strikes. They have a unique playstyle that’s all fast-paced combat and stealthy maneuvers. While Kunoichis can be a blast to play, they might not have the same power and versatility as some other classes.

16. Tamer

Tamers are enslaved creatures to fight alongside them. However, Tamers can be a bit tricky to master, and their effectiveness might not match up to some other classes. Playing a Tamer requires knowing when to summon your trusty Heilang and when to take matters into your own hands.


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17. Drakania

Drakanias are mysterious and have a different playstyle that sets them apart. They wield a polearm and have unique dragon-like abilities.

However, Drakanias might not be as effective in various situations compared to some higher-tier classes. And to be as good as a Drakania, you’ll need to get the hang of their typical combat style.


Black Deserts Online Tier List – S Classes

The S-tier classes are the best Black Deserts Online Tier classes. These classes are strong, versatile, and can impress in almost any in-game situation, and they’re versatile, powerful, and can dominate in both PvP and PvE scenarios.

18. Striker

Strikers are the big martial artists who can dish out a ton of damage. They also have excellent crowd-control abilities, which means they can handle groups of enemies with ease. One of the best things about Strikers is their durability. They can take a beating due to their resistance.

However, playing as a Striker is relatively straightforward, but during big Guild vs. Guild battles, you’ll need to be careful about your positioning.


You’ll often be the center of attention for your enemies, so staying in the right spot is crucial. Overall, Strikers are fantastic for players who want a class that’s strong, durable, and can dish out damage like nobody’s business.

19. Lahn

Lahns are agile and graceful warriors who wield a weapon called a “crescent pendulum.”They can soar through the air and strike their foes with speed. In both PvP and PvE, Lahns are known for their versatility and ability to adapt to various conditions.

If you’re looking for a class that can keep you engaged with fast-paced combat and a mixture of skills, Lahn might be your pick.


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20. Hashashin

Hashashins are desert nomads who use sand magic to control the battlefield. They have a unique playstyle and are masters of positioning.

Hashashins can be brilliant in both PvE and PvP cases, due to their ability to control the battleground with sandstorms. They can be a bit trickier to master, but the rewards are worth it for those who enjoy a strategic play style.


21. Guardian

Guardians are the tanks of Black Desert Online. They wield a massive battle axe and are incredibly durable. While they might not be the fastest or most agile class, Guardians make up for it with their raw power and ability to soak up damage.

In Guild vs. Guild battles, they often play the role of the frontline tank, absorbing enemy attacks and protecting their team. Guardians are perfect for players who enjoy a low-risk, high-reward playstyle. If you like being the tough, immovable force on the battlefield, the Guardian might be your class of choice.

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