Big Paintball Script

big paintball script

The Big Paintball Script has been a good and dependable Roblox script you can run on your Roblox game. You will learn all you need to know in this article regarding Big Paintball Script.

Big Paintball Game 

Big Paintball is a team-based first-person shooter game where your team will be tasked with eliminating foes and unlocking amazing paintball guns that have more adverse effects on enemy foes. The game was developed and published in 2019 by BIG Games.

Since its inception, it has recorded over a billion visitors and has over 7,000 active gamers, with over a million likes. Even though it has multiple challenges that make its gameplay addictive, it also has a range of maps and playing styles.

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It’s a great game and if you want to streamline your gameplay, then you should consider running the Big Paintball script right now.

Big Paintball Script Pastebin

You can execute the script with the Roblox executor.





SCRİPT 5, 6 and 7

Do well to avoid copying the serial numbers when copying any of the scripts in the paste below.


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