Beyblade Burst Rivals Codes

Hey pal, are you looking for the best and most accurate codes on Beyblade Burst Rivals Codes? Have no fear, my friend, we got you covered, here we will be giving you the most updated codes that have been tested and we trust it will help you guys out and give you all an amazing gaming experience.

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About The game

Beyblade Burst Rivals is an amazing 3D game that has gained massive gaming time from players from all over the world. In this incredible game, Playing multiple battles can help you unlock new bey techniques in the game. To get started, you need to choose a character and an avatar from the available options.


After that, you can search for rare avatars and beys and unlock powerful bladers to add to your team. As you play the game, you will get to experience Valt Aoi’s exciting adventures and meet his entire gang as they strive to become the greatest Bladers in the world.

Additionally, you can utilize your favorite techniques from the TV series, such as Rush Launch, Counter Break, and Quake Launch, to emerge victorious in epic battles!

You can have multiple beys, avatars, and bladers, and it’s important to build a strong team by upgrading and unlocking new bey techniques as you participate in tournaments and battle continuously.


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Active Beyblade Burst Rivals Codes

  • RVAL-DSCD-TWLV-MBMR – Use to get some in-game rewards.
  • OVAL-DSCD-TWLV-MBMR – Use to get some in-game rewards.
  • BBBR-RVAL-WERE-BACK – Use to get some in-game rewards.
  • BBBRRVALCHARXPZA – Use to get some in-game rewards.
  • BY-LADE-OVAL-JULY – Use to get some in-game rewards.
  • BY-LADE-OVAL-DECE – Use to get some in-game rewards.
  • BY-LADE-OVAL-JANU – Use to get some in-game rewards.

We will be giving out the best thoroughly tested and updated codes that will greatly benefit you, and give you an amazing gaming experience.

How To Redeem Your Active Codes

Are you having trouble redeeming the codes you already have for Punch Wall to save Girls or is this your first time trying to redeem the codes?


No worries, we are here to help! Our guide will provide you with the necessary instructions to redeem your active codes and guarantee an outstanding gaming experience. Please follow the simple steps below to claim all your rewards.

  • Launch the game.
  • Click on the Twitter icon, located at the top part of your screen.
  • Click on the CODE option.
  • Copy all the codes we have provided for you above.
  • Paste the codes into the CODE text option.
  • After pasting the codes, finally, click on ENTER button to claim your rewards.

And that’s all folks. That’s just how to redeem your code. Please note that these codes have a limited time usage and can only be used once by any player. You can share the codes with your friends and other gamers.

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